Monday, June 16, 2014

The Burnisher's Ball

This weekend was the dental school prom. Well maybe that's not the best term, but it's the most convenient way to describe it; a dance party to celebrate the end of the year. More then anything, the Burnisher's Ball was a fundraiser. Sponsors and donations covered the cost of the actual ball, allowing 90+% of the ticket sales to go toward the patient fund. Our patient fund is a reserve used specifically to treat those that are most in need. We service a relatively rural population and it's not uncommon for people to walk into the clinics in dire need of emergency treatment with no way to afford it. That's where the patient fund comes in so it was great to be supporting this and even better to find out that the event raised thousands of dollars. 

I was so glad that my husband was in town to be my date. Isn't he so handsome? 

What I'm Wearing? 
Dress: Adrianna Papell 
Earrings: Overstock 
Bangle: New York & Company 
Shoes: American Eagle 

I absolutely adore this dress. Ironically when I first purchased it, I felt like I was settling. I didn't like the color as much in store (it was dark in there), but the lace was nice enough and it was within the $100 budget I set for myself. Plus I have a bit of experience with Adrianna Papell as this company made the reception dress I wore to my wedding. So although it wasn't my favorite, it had some good qualities and I begrudgingly left with the dress. When I got home, I began to see it in a new light. Once I had the hem altered and was wearing the proper undergarments, I realized just how flattering this beauty was to my body. Also, I scored this elegant dress for only $65 via Nordstorm Rack. It really was a great find and I'm hoping to have the opportunity to wear it again.  

By the way, in case you were wondering about the obscure title, a burnisher is a dental tool. 


  1. you look flawless in that dress! I'm glad you gave it a second look :-) I also scored this amazing draped gown, mint for 30 bucks last week, already saving it for formal next year. You can never be too prepared with a deal that good lol.

  2. Yes! This dress looks amazing on you. I was surprised to read you didn't love it from the start.

  3. Thank you Justine! I have no idea what I was thinking in the store but I'm glad I left with it because I adore this dress.