Friday, February 6, 2015

Notes on A Long Distance Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day when you are in a long distance relationship can be lonely. Trust me, I would know! Husband and I dated long distance during college and now we are super long distance while we both attend grad school. Last year we were fortunate enough to spend Valentine's Day together, but this year we will be apart. If like us, you are unable to be with your SO this Valentine's Day, know that it is still possible to make your loved one feel special. And to help get things started...I'm sharing some of my favorite LDR gift ideas. 

Embarrass Them
How do you make your SO feel special from afar? Well you embarrass them of course. For a Valentine's Day past, husband sent me the most beautiful bouquet of roses. He actually got in touch with one of my classmates to coordinate exactly where I would be at in the dental school building during different points in the school day. Then he had flowers delivered to me while I was practicing in the dental simulation lab. I was stunned, shocked, and really embarrassed! I had to carry those flowers around with me all day. And you know what, it's a Valentine's Day that I will never forget. 

I felt so incredibly special by his gesture. I still have dried petals from those roses sitting on my bedroom dresser. It's amazing how loved you can feel when your significant other is so far away. 

A Sweet Note
I love both sending and receiving notes. I personally keep every card that I receive. Sometimes when I am really missing Husband (or family or friends), I like to go back and read old cards that I have saved throughout the years. So don't just sign your name under a generic hallmark poem. Instead write something that will really make their heart melt. And if you really want to make them feel special, take the time to make the card yourself. 


Send a Care Package
Just because you're apart, it doesn't mean that you can't exchange gifts. So send your Valentine some sweet treats or a little gift just to let them know that you're thinking about them. 

Be Creative
No one knows your Valentine the way that you do, so only you understand what will make them feel most special. Whether it's a big gesture or a small token of your affections, show them that you care.  

"Distance means so little when Someone means so much"

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  1. My bf and I have been long distance for the last three years, only seeing each other about once a month so I definitely understand this. Missing holidays is always tough for us too though sometimes we can see each other a few days after. It's even more challenging, expensive and sometimes inconvenient because we're saving the most physical part of our relationship for marriage and don't sleep in the same room. God willing he'll be moving to the city this fall for grad school, so that season will over and we'll be moving towards another one soon enough. Luckily he's really good with surprising me throughout the year with little things outside of the holidays so there's never much pressure during valentines day. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder though, and I'm sure you and your hubby will find a way to make it special for each other. This is a great list :-)

    1. Yes Ele, it is such a struggle, but I really do believe that a relationship that can survive being long distance is one that will last. I'm really glad to be interacting with someone who understands. I will add you guys to my prayers, hopefully he will be moving closer to you soon.

  2. Jasmine, we have so much in common! lol I am going through this now. My boyfriend will not be back on US soil until next week (he lives in Spain) and I was at a loss for what we could do for Valentine's Day. This post definitely gave me some neat ideas. It's so good to see a couple that survived a long distance relationship! I hear so much doubt from other people, that's it's good to see that it does work and that God's plan always comes to fruition regardless of perceived obstacles such as distance. Love your blog!