Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Q&A

Blogmas Day 15
I had a completely different post planned for today, but then we lost internet last night and I was on the phone until 3AM with Comcast. Long story short, nothing was solved and the earliest they will come check things out is Friday. Not sure how I'm supposed to survive in 2015 without internet, but you better believe that Comcast will be crediting our account this billing cycle. Anyway, for the sake of keeping things short (I'm using my phone data as a hotspot right now), I'm canceling postponing my original post that required lots of photo-editing and collage-making on the internet. Instead, I'm going to do this quick Q&A I found floating around!  
But first….
this family Christmas photo we just took at the mall with Santa 
Sorry, I just had to share. I'm still shocked that we managed to get PJ to look into the camera at the right moment. 

Ok, now onto the Q&A part! 
What is your favorite holiday tradition? 
I don't think that my family had any out of the ordinary traditions. We did go Black Friday shopping together every year, which was always fun. Now, we are all resigned to shopping over the internet in our pjs. I am in love with the tradition that husband and I have started of not exchanging Christmas gifts.  

What you'd love to see Santa bring you most this year
Honestly, I don't know. Santa was very generous to me last year by bringing my DSLR, my sewing machine, and Betty Sue (my stand mixer). I'm really having a hard time thinking of any big gift that I would want. As I've gotten older, I'm finding that I want less tangible things. Or at the very least, many of the things that I do want are small enough that I just pick them up for myself. So this year, I didn't ask Santa for anything. It should be interesting to see what he brings me. 

What's your go to stocking stuffer 
Hmm…you can't go wrong with candy or healthy treats like fruit and nuts. Gift cards are always fun to find in a stocking too. 

Christmas Tree Lights: Colorful or All White 
Definitely Colorful Lights!
All white lights are very elegant, but when I think of an old fashioned Christmas, I think of those oversized colorful bulbs. We do white lights as a base layer and then add in the colorful ones! 

Favorite Holiday Song
This one is totally not fair. I can't pick just one. I just can't. I love everything from the classics to the modern day Christmas albums. 

Real Tree of Fake Tree? 
I love any and everything to do with Christmas, a tree will make me happy either way. Fake trees are great because you can keep them up all year long if you want. And yes I have done this. But real trees are the best too, especially if you cut them down yourself. Plus, I love the scent of the fresh pine every time I walk through the door. Those basalm candles just don't do it justice. For now, we just do whichever is most convenient that year. Once we own a home, we will probably have a large real tree as our main one and maybe some smaller to midsize fake ones spread throughout the house. 

Favorite Holiday Treat
That's a tough one. There are some many goodies floating around during the holidays. And I enjoy baking them just as much as eating them. I'm going to have to go with this pineapple cranberry upside down cake that I make every year..mostly because I'm eating this right now. 

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Hopefully, my internet returns before Friday, if not I will still be posting every day. I will just have to spend some time sitting in Starbucks and bumming free internet. 


  1. Awww... I love the family santa picture - it's adorable and your little Westie (is that what he/she is?) is too cute too! And yes, a miracle you were all looking at the same time into the camera. :) I love your Q&A answers and am sorry to hear about your internet - we've been having the same thing here. Thanks for stopping by yesterday to say hello on my blog. I hope your baking day turned out to be as fun and productive as mine. I can't wait to read more of your blog - I am now a new follower. Have a great day! :)

    1. Yes he is a Westie! And no idea what's going on with our internet but it's annoying. Loved stopping by your blog

  2. Sorry about the internet!! What a drag, and you're right, people nowadays have no idea what to do without the internet.

    I love your picture with santa, whenever we try to get Fluffy to look at the camera she looks demonic, so she's usually not included in the family photos anymore. She was last year.

    Colorful lights all the way! That's what I grew up with and that's what I love to see on Christmas trees, although the tree I saw the other night looked pretty spectacular at night with just white. I love fake, Kyle loves real. we both grew up with both but the convenience of fake for me is better for our small house, but when we get a larger house then I would like real too

    liz @ sundays with sophie

    1. I have no idea how we got so lucky with the photo. There were tons of other ppl and dogs around so I'm surprised he was paying attention. And I can totally understand the convenience of a fake tree. I see the pros and cons of both

  3. Sorry to hear about the internet...no fun :( Love this post, though! YES! Colors bulbs, please! They'll never be as elegant as white but something about the colors makes me so happy. I LOVE the smell of a real tree but my family has always had a fake...too many people with live tree allergies. :/ It works out though because, per Italian tradition, we NEVER take down our tree before Twelfth Night...and sometimes not until the end of January. ;)

    1. Yes the colorful lights just scream Christmas. But I'm not one to have one of those perfectly coordinated trees either. Ours is full of homemade and sentimental ornaments. I didn't know ppl could be allergic to pine trees but that totally makes sense and if you guys leave your tree up through the 12th night, I see why you would get a fake one. Though to be honest, I bet a real one might last that long too!??