Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Travel

Blogmas Day 23 
Are you traveling for the holidays? 
Right now, we are on the road with a 10 hour drive to visit family for Christmas. We are no strangers to traveling and we are definitely used to long drives, crowded airports, and everything in between. So I'm here to share a few tips to make holiday travel a little easier. 

1. Pack Light: We are traveling by car so I'm feeling extra temped to overpack. But it's just not worth it. We are already traveling with our pup and have lots of gifts to bring too, so the less clothes we pack, the better. It takes a little extra effort, but I find that outfit planning ahead of time is the way to go. Plus, packing pieces that can be worn several ways helps a bit too. 

2. Clean Out and Fill Up: If you're driving like us, take the time to clean out the car. A long road trip or even a short one will be made much better with less clutter in the car. And don't forget to fill up the gas tank before you go. Chances are that gas is probably less expensive near your home. Plus, there is no need to make unnecessary stops. 

3. Arrive Early: If you're flying, arrive early. The airports are extra busy this time of year. And there may be quite a few people there who aren't used to flying so getting through security may take a little longer than expected. 

4. Pack Snacks: Eating out while traveling will add up quickly. Plus your options are going to pretty limited to mostly to junk food. Whether we are flying or driving, we always have healthy treats packed with us to keep our energy up. Though I think some homemade Christmas cookies may have made it into our bags this time around.  

5. Bring Entertainment: All of our devices are charged up and ready to go, loaded with movies, podcasts, and books of tape to keep us busy. While we are hoping to only be on the road for 10 hours, we are also expecting delays and now we are prepared for them.  

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  1. Whenever I'm driving somewhere for a trip I always over pack! It's such a bad habit though. And yes to arriving early. The airport is packed this time of year! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. That picture gives me all the heart eyes emojis. Such pretty, wintery clothes! I'm headed to the airport in a few hours and I think I actually didn't overpack for once. My mom also told me economy parking is 80% full so now I'm stressing about that! Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Definitely agree on the pack light. We travelled last year with such thing as packing light, the trunk was filled with stuff for her. And it was tough to find places for our stuff (which is why we need a larger car).

    I love the shirts or sweaters in that first picture too, so seasonal and holiday! Have a wonderful Christmas Jasmine!!

    liz @ sundays with sophie