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Mobile Apps to Simplify your Holiday

Blogmas Day 9 
Sorry to be sharing today's Blogmas post so late, things are getting a bit hectic around here. With Christmas right around the corner, we're determined to finish up our holiday shopping sooner rather than later. In the meantime, our apartment is a bit of a mess and my blog post is going up much later than I wanted. Ironically, today's post is all about some great apps to simply your holiday. I'm sharing some of my favorite apps that are helping me get things done while saving money. Now, if only I could find an app that could do the laundry and cook dinner.  
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Santa's Bag
First things first…
Let's get organized! 
Available For: iPhone
Cost: $0 
How it Works?
I've had this app for years and I love it for staying organized and on budget with my holiday shopping. You can keep track of your overall spending as well as tracking gifts for individuals or groups. I love that whenever I'm out, I have my Christmas list on hand. I can easily double check who I have left to shop for and exactly how much more I have to spend. Oh, and let's not forget the handy countdown feature to remind you of how many shopping days you have left. 

 I hate paying full price for things, which is why I almost never do. Retailers know that some consumers may not be willing to pay the established price and offer various coupons for those who seek them out. 
Available ForAndroid & iPhone 
Cost: $0 
How it Works? 
RetailMeNot is a sharing site where companies and consumers can upload coupons. There are thousands of retailers available here including most major stores. One word of advice, because other consumers can load coupons here, some are no longer valid so make sure to check the expiration dates.
Helpful Hint: You can also use the web version when shopping at home in your pjs. Create an account and the coupons will link between your phone app and website use. 

Do you read the circulars that come in the mail? 
I don't. Big Mistake! These can save you so much. But it's very rare that I have the time to sift through all of them. On the occasions when I do take the time to find and cut out a coupon, chances are very high that it will disappear into the gaping abyss that is my purse once I make it to the register. Right about now, I'm getting lots of dirty looks from the people behind me in line. 
Well not anymore... 
Available for: Android and iPhone 
Cost: $0 
How it Works? 
Flipp stores all the current offerings from weekly flyers and ads for most major retail stores. And I never go shopping with out it. I simply pull it up while I'm in line and do a search for the best deals. A quick phone scan at the register and I get $10 off my $25 Macy's purchase, then I can turn around and use the exact same app to search for specials at my grocery store. It's got everything you need all in one place. 

Remember that great dish you made last month? Well you want to make it again, only you can't find the recipe. You can type anything you want into Google, but it's not appearing. Now you don't have to worry about that anymore. 
Available For: Android & iPhone 
+Windows Version syncs to iCloud 
Cost: $0.99
How it Works? 
This one may have a price tag associated with it, but it's well worth it. All my holiday favorites are bookmarked here. Just in case I didn't have time to look up a recipe and write out a list before I hit the store, I can easily pull up my favorite stored recipes without spending forever tracking them down all over again. 

Cartwheel for Target 
If you shop at Target, then you NEED NEED NEED the Cartwheel app. So in other words, everyone should have this app because who doesn't shop at Target? Especially at this time of year..I find that Target is a one stop shop for everything I need. Command strips for hanging decorations, baking supplies for the Christmas cookies, plus lots of great gifts and stocking stuffers. Yes, lots of Target runs this month! And using the Cartwheel app will save you lots thanks to extra holiday promotions! 
Available For: Android & iPhone 
Cost: $0 
How it Works? 
You can search for coupons by various categories. Simply add the coupons that you want to use and have the cashier scan the barcode on your phone at checkout. It's that simple! Added bonus, Target allows you to combine the Cartwheel app savings with retailer coupons and coupons from It's a wonderful thing to walk away with a $70 item for only $2! I practically felt like I robbed the place. 

Red Laser 
Have you ever bought something only to see it 2 days later for less at another store? I definitely have. Then the question becomes...Do I buy it a second time and return the first one? Is it really worth all that work? Now you no longer have to worry if the item you just picked up is a good deal. 
Available For: Android and iPhone 
Cost: $0
How it Works?
Simply scan the barcode of the item in question, and this app will help you determine the best place to buy your item. Basically, it shows you what stores may have the same item on sale. Better yet, with so many stores participating in price matching around the holidays, you can still get it from the store you're in, but at the better price. 

Many of these apps are ones that I use year-round, but I'm finding them especially helpful during all of our Christmas shopping. Without them, we probably would have gotten a lot less for a lot more. If you still have holiday shopping to do, I hope that you find these apps as helpful as we did. 

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  1. Next year I will be doing all my shopping through santa's bag!! Such a great way to track! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. We love it archives the gifts from the previous years so you know exactly what you gave the same person the year before

  2. I need to get Flipp!!! I have the cartwheel app and retail me not and use them regularly. I need to stay away from santa's bag. I dont need to know how much I have spent on gifts LOL!!!

    1. Flipp is great! And I totally understand about Santa's bag. I feel like I pick up only a few things here and there, but it totals to so much. I am naturally a total spender though so if I don't keep track I will be in shock when the bills roll in