Sunday, October 30, 2016

october clothing budget

Last month was a very purposeful no-buy month for me because I knew my spending would be high this month. And it was. I went on an anniversary trip through the Pacific Northwest, so before our trip I bought all the cute Fall things to wear.

J Crew Plaid Shirt original $90, on sale for $30, + 30% off = $21

J Crew Factory Skirt original $70 on sale for $38 + 50% off = $19

Loft Leggings original $70 on sale for $32 + promo = $20 X 2 pairs = $40
I swear, I will never wear real pants again. Not when there are comfy leggings out there that look like the real thing and totally give the illusion that I'm more put together than I am. That's why I had to pick them up in multiple colors. Here's me wearing the plum color vs. the desert cactus during our anniversary trip. Seriously perfect pants.  

Tweed Pocket Dress original $80 + 50% off = $40
I am officially obsessed with this tweed dress, mainly because it has dual roles. I can rock it on the weekend and then wear it on Monday with a change of shoes and accessories. See how I styled it here.
Also, picked up a few "adventure gear" items for our trip. We did some Fall hiking through the national parks and I needed a lightweight jacket that I could easily hike in plus a rain jacket because um it's the PNW. I picked up both jackets from Outdoor Research. They are my new favorite outdoor gear company.
Outdoor Research Insulated Jacket original $165, on sale for $115
Kind of loving how chic this jacket looks, will definitely be wearing it for more than hiking. 

Outdoor Research Rain Jacket original $160, on sale for $120
This rain jacket especially saved my life, it kept me warm and dry while hiking in the rainforest, through waterfalls, and in torrential downpour rain.

October Total: $355

Budget for the Year: $1750 
October Spending: $355
remaining for the year: $235

I'm a little concerned that I only have a couple hundred dollars for the remainder of the year because I am in desperate need of sweaters with the onset of this cooler weather. Even though I increased my yearly budget for 2016, I'm struggling to stay within the budget and feeling temped to add in the $$ I've make from selling old clothes. I am noticing a trend with my spending, the months where I spent the most were May/June in preparation for our big Southwest Road Trip and this month in preparation for our anniversary trip. So I think adding in adventure gear/outdoor gear to my budget this year is what's really making things hard. Wish me luck that I can stay within budget these next few months. 

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  1. Those leggings really DO look like real pants! Might have to wait for a sale and use the Loft gift card I've been sitting on for almost a year!

    1. Yea I'm waiting for them to go on sale again so I can pick them up in even more colors