Thursday, April 6, 2017

end of spending freeze

After having not bought any clothes for 3 months, I finally broke my spending freeze in a really big way. In March, all the winter gear was on sale so I took advantage of that to stock my closet with this very pricey item on discount of course. Also, picked up a few fun things that will work for the Spring weather. 

Full Length Coat Original $289 + 40% off + $17 in rewards = $156
Seeing as I spend half my year in Boston, I've been wanting a full length coat for a while now, but didn't want to spend a ton. I finally found just what I was looking for and at the right price too. Coats like this stick around for years and was definitely worth investing in. 

Faux-Fur Earmuffs Original $30 on Sale for $8
A fun find to get these fur ear muffs for such a deal. My favorite part of colder weather has always been all the cute scarfs and hats and mittens you get to wear. So it was fun to add these furry earmuffs into the mix.

Spotted Tee Original $32 on Sale for $15
This was my first official purchase to break my 3 months of no buying clothes. So worth it! Featured this cute tee in an OOTD from our Nashville trip. 

Giraffe Pocket Tee Original $40 on Sale for $15
Another fun one that I couldn't resist because giraffes are my spirit animal. Perfect toss on tee for weekend errands. 

Chambray Dress Original $90 on Sale for $38
I've given up on finding a chambray button-up that works for me as my bust size and button-ups do not go well together, but I love this dress version so much. I wore it during our Nashville trip and hubby says it makes me look like an urban cowgirl. So if that's the look you're going for, I would definitely recommend this dress. 

It feels so weird to have bought clothes after going so long without, but I'm in love with the choices I made. The coat and chambray dress definitely fill a void in my wardrobe. And I actually needed the tees too because I have no casual clothes. Since this was my first set of purchases for the year, it's a good time to establish my clothing budget for the year. I'm going to set it to $1800 or $150/month, which is about what I spent last year. And this will include everything, not just day to day clothes, but athletic gear too. 

Budget for the Year: $1800
March Budget: End of Spending Freeze $232 
remaining for the year $1568

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  1. I LOVE that chambray dress! It's so cute and a great price. I also really like that jacket. I bought a full length winter coat last year and wear it almost everyday from fall until winter.

    1. I'm already loving what wear I've gotten out the coat-can't wait for next winter now. And the chambray dress has definitely been on repeat for me. Wearing it right now actually :)