Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Walking the Edge of CN Tower

Most days Tom and I get so caught up in the seriousness of earning our doctorate degrees that we forget to truly appreciate what a wonderful adventure this life can be. I love that we are both making moves to pursue our dreams and better ourselves, but in the process we sacrifice a lot. I feel like we are constantly teetering on the edge between wanting to a be carefree twenty-somethings vs. making valuable decisions for our future. So whenever we get a chance to step away from some of the seriousness, we take it. 
And when there aren't any opportunities to do so, we create them! 
Life afforded us 4 blissful days in Canada and we took complete advantage it. When we arrived in Canada's capital city of Toronto, our first stop was the CN Tower. It's one of tallest structures in the world and so it can be seen dominating the skyline throughout the city. 
It's a must see if you're ever in Toronto because of the spectacular 360 degree views. You can see the entire city and beyond. It's pretty astounding to be in a building this tall and look down on skyscrapers that you have to crane your neck to see fully from the ground below. 
While we enjoyed the views from the SkyPod, we wanted a little more adventure so we decided to participate in the EdgeWalk. And I think it's fair to say it's one of the more adventurous things that we've done. 
After signing a death waiver, suiting up, and having our harnesses checked a couple dozen times, it was time to take the elevator to the top. 
I know that it should have been reassuring that the staff repeatedly checked that our harnesses were secure, but instead it freaked me out. Every time my harness was checked, it reminded me how much my safety absolutely depended on a strip of fabric and a few metal buckles. 
Once the doors opened to the outside, everything in me wanted to stop. Ahead of me, I could see nothing but sky and we could see through the thin grate beneath our feet. The wind up there literally pushes you inwards as you fight to walk out onto the platform. I've never claimed to be brave. Even as a kid when everyone else was jumping off swings and swinging on monkey-bars, I was very aware of the potential dangers. But if I don't conquer my fears by being a little reckless now (while I'm in my twenties) then when will I? 
I think that Tom described it best when he called in unnatural. It was unnatural to go against my instincts, but boy was it worth it! 
I wish that I were a better writer just so that I could describe how amazing this adventure really was, but for now I'm hoping that these photos help do the trick. 
Don't you just love that the only thing we're attached to is this pulley system?

If you are like me and you have a bucket list full of adventures, add this one to your list. It was definitely one of our best adventures yet. Being able to lean over Toronto's skyline was the best way to experience this city. 


  1. I'm so afraid of heights! I think I could maybe make myself do this but NOT the leaning over the edge backwards like you guys are doing! Ahhh! I climbed the Harbour Bridge in Sydney and it was the best experience, and this looks amazing too.

    1. The adrenaline of it all keeps you going! It was terrifying of course, but also so fun. Btw I'm adding climbing the Harbour Bridge to my Bucket List