Wednesday, November 29, 2017

november lately: thanksgiving in iceland

November was definitely my catch-up month with having spent most of it trying to finish up projects for dental school and get my life together before the end of the year. It's been a stressful one but with lots to be thankful for this month. 
november life lately5

I'm thankful for having 4 days to spend in Iceland over thanksgiving break-it was short but I made the best of it 

thankful for all the companies that make cute travel sized toiletries because I love things that come in miniature 

thankful to have had a chance to volunteer this past month with spending a Saturday providing free dental care

thankful for all the free souvenirs that we brought back from Iceland-like an actual horseshoe from our Icelandic pony ride and lava rocks from our lave tube cave hike 

maybe not so thankful for the water damage to my laptop (long story) or for an especially few rough days of dental school but trying to remember that everything happens for a reason right? 

thankful to have finally completed all my removeable partial denture projects that I've been working on since August 

here's just a few quick highlights from how I've been spending the month! 

Traveling to an island that's actually it's own country, but feels like another world. Hello Iceland! Shared lots in my stories this month and will have more coming on this epic winter getaway soon.
november life lately1

Reading...mostly my oral pathology book. And doing lots of research for making partial dentures. Oh and reading lots of medical charts too. Does that count? Reading NOT related to dental school, well I did read this cover to cover, but I don't think that counts either. I'm ashamed to say that I may get through 2017 with only having read one book. Pathetic I know. 

Sharing some pretty big posts from the past year. Most notably..the logistics of planning our Alaskan Cruise and a little update on my 101 in 1001 list
november life lately3

Dental School needs its very own recap that I'm hoping to share next week. But most notably this month, I have finished up all the preclinical course requirements for graduation and now I can focus solely on patient care. It's kind of a big deal and I can really see the finish line. 
november life lately2

On Instagram: I just realized that my instagram account is composed of only two things-travel photos + studying for dental school. Basically, my two passions in life. If I'm not doing one, then it's the other. 

Holidays: I don't think it gets much better than celebrating Thanksgiving in Iceland, definitely not something that we will soon forget. Though Thanksgiving in Mexico last year was pretty fantastic too!-see our Mexico itinerary & budget here. It's our annual tradition to give each other an experience for Christmas instead of material gifts and the past few years it's made the most since to do it over Thanksgiving. This is not a Christmas gift that we will soon forget. Can't wait for the real deal with holiday prep already under way and picking up my Christmas tree this weekend.  
november life lately

November was a busy hectic whirlwind. It really was, which is why I adore these monthly recaps. Because at the end of the month when I'm fixated on all the things I didn't get done or what a rough time I've had with dental school this month, it helps to sit down and reflect on the many highlights in between-like volunteering-acing my practical on pulling teeth-finishing up projects-visiting a new country for goodness sake. It really puts this month into perspective for me. 

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