Wednesday, November 22, 2017

thankful to travel to...

I read that only 35% of Americans have their passport. And the statistics of how often those are used are even lower. So on the eve of Thanksgiving, I'm incredibly thankful that I have learned the value of travel. 
We are our own best representatives of our family, our city, our state, our country. But we can never serve as diplomats if we never leave. Travel enhances our lives in so many ways, which is why I'm constantly making sacrifices for it. Even with it being a holiday, now is not the best time for me to go off galavanting around the world. But I've come to realize there is never a good time to take a chance and chase your dreams. You just have to do it and go all in. Because the time you think you will have to do things later may never come. In my experience, the future always brings more obstacles, not less. And while it's counterintuitive to ignore all the excuses, I'm so thankful that I can recognize that you have to create the best time. Create the life that you want for yourself. On that note, I'm headed to Boston this morning to reunite with the husband and from there, we are off to the land of fire and ice...Iceland. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

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