Sunday, November 19, 2017

101 in 1001: Update #3

It's that time again! Time to check-in along with a few others on our 101 in 1001 lists. Since my last update in August, I gave myself the goal of crossing six more items off my list. And I'm happy to say that I did that. 

101 in 1001 update
Let's delve right in shall we? 

#9 Kayak the Charles River in Boston
We have been hoping to do this for years and finally had a good day with perfect weather over labor day weekend. Kayaking the city felt so odd, but right and was made even better by the fact that we made room in our doubles kayak for a third furry friend. 
101 in 1001 update

#11 Take $3k worth of free trips
I think we've actually taken close to $10k worth of free trips since this list was made. You can see all of our recent travel budgets here to see where we saved. This is why we travel so much, I mean who wouldn't when you can get things for less. 

#15 Go on 3 Road Trips
I definitely underestimated just how many road trips I take. I've already been on 7 big road trips since I made this list and have more planned for the future. It's such an inexpensive easy way to travel. Ha! I guess I didn't realize I could have crossed this off my list ages ago. So we're not here all day, I'm just going to quickly list them all below: 

Wandering Washington9 day road trip last fall for our 3rd wedding anniversary where we fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. 

Mexico Road TripWe got a little bit brave and did a 7 day road trip through Mexico over Thanksgiving last year as our Christmas gift to each other

Florida Road Trip9 day trip over spring break that took us all the way to the tip of Florida.  

Southern Road Trip: We popped into Nashville Tennessee and visited a national park in Kentucky

Sisters Weekend: Spent memorial day weekend in the mountains road tripping with my little sister. Lots of hiking and camping and zip-lining was involved.  

French Canada: Took this as a long romantic weekend to my new favorite place, leaving from Boston. 

Autumn Road Trip: We drove along the blue ridge parkway stopping to hike and camp along the way. Best way to see the fall foliage this year. 

#19 Take a Fall Foliage Camping Trip
Autumn leaves and Mountains Please! Loved hiking and camping our way through the Smoky Mountains
101 in 1001 update

#24 Spend a Day in Harvard Square
Perfect rainy day activity in Boston exploring the Harvard Museum of Natural History.
101 in 1001 update

#54 Take an Anniversary Trip
We plan on doing this every year. This year we had an amazing Alaskan Anniversary Adventure with taking our very first cruise. 

#61 DIY Map Wall Art
Ok, so I totally did not DIY this map, I bought it. From the moment, I moved in, I knew that I wanted a large map to hang above my sofa. After months of searching, I realized that everything I liked was out of my price range and decided to DIY one. Then I stumbled upon this map at hobby lobby on sale for only $30. And I love it more than anything I could make, so I'm crossing this one off my list. 
101 in 1001 update

#100 Take a nap everyday 
Definitely wrote this as a sign that I am sleep deprived. Even during vacations, we go non-stop, but during our cruise, we were forced to relax more and I napped daily. 

#1 Hike through 10 new national parks
Finally visited the Great Smoky National Park which is right in my backyard. This was our 8th national park visit since making this list. This is the goal I've doubted most, but it looks like this one will definitely get crossed off.  
101 in 1001 update
101 in 1001 update

#27 Volunteer 55 hours
I don't think I clarified when I originally made my list, but I'm hoping to volunteer 55 hours in the dental field. Had the best opportunity to volunteer at a free dental clinic last Saturday extracting teeth. I'm so thankful that I included goals that revolve around giving to others on my 101 in 1001
101 in 1001update2

So that's a wrap! I'm pretty pleased with how much I've crossed off the list in the past 3 months and can't wait of the next update in February! For more, check out my list and updates below:

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  1. Wow, you've made some great progress!! I really want to do an Alaskan cruise, it looks amazing!

    1. Ha! Thanks and yes would definitely recommend an Alaskan Cruise

  2. Great job on crossing so much. I'm so impressed by how much you travel.

    1. Yea we just manage everything around our school schedules