Saturday, May 12, 2018

sunset at cholla cactus garden

I'm a bit overdue to share more from our spring break trip to the Great Southwest. I thought I'd do things a little out of order by starting with our last stop in Joshua Tree National Park first. Because when it comes down to it, I'm a girl who would prefer a sunrise to a sunset any day of the week, but this one has me re-considering. cholla cactus garden sunset 1
cholla cactus garden sunset 2
We had already spent the day on a secret hike (more later this week) though Joshua Tree National Park. But we knew we couldn't leave Joshua Tree without one last stop at the Cholla Cactus Garden. I thought we wouldn't make it because as we drove out of the park, there was nothing but dirt for miles, then all of the sudden, the landscape changes and this stunning garden pops up out of nowhere.
cholla cactus garden sunset 3cholla cactus garden sunset 4
Ha! Hazards all around between the honeybees and the cholla cactus, but worth it to see such a stunning sunset. cholla cactus garden sunset 5These cacti have actually been nicknamed "Jumping Cholla" because the burs seem to jump off the cacti and onto you. The park rangers even leave a First Aid kit at the entrance. Luckily, we didn't get pricked by any cacti, which is amazing since we veered off the trail a little to snap the perfect sunset photos.cholla cactus garden sunset 6cholla cactus garden sunset 7
cholla cactus garden sunset 8
I feel so lucky that we had this perfect last stop in Joshua Tree. It was a great way to end our time in California and say goodbye as we made our to our next stop in Phoenix, Arizona. 
cholla cactus garden sunset 10
I will always think fondly on walking through the cacti garden at sunset hand in hand with my husband discussing plans for our future. It really was the perfect sunset and I can't wait to share more from our time in Joshua Tree.

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