Sunday, May 27, 2018

the pharmacy museum

I love museums because I'll never turn down a chance to learn something new. While we were in New Orleans, I realized that it was home to The Pharmacy Museum and I knew that we had to go. 
New Orleans pharmacy museum
Having spent so many hours of my life agonizing over learning and understanding the many pharmaceutical agents we use today, it was nice to see this side of medicine from a fun historical side. I assumed that this little one room museum would be a quick visit, but we ended up spending almost 4 hours here. We loved the tour-it's a must. And it was so interesting to learn about all the medications and techniques that have been used over the years. If you have a chance to visit this museum, DO. It's filled with medical history that ranges from the mundane to the truly bizarre. But the best part is that everyone can appreciate this museum, whether you're in the medical field or not. 
New Orleans pharmacy museum 2
The now museum was actually the original apothecary and home of the first licensed pharmacist in the United States. This place was a combination of the most modern advanced medicine of the time with a mix of the Voodoo medicine that New Orleans is so well known for. 
New Orleans pharmacy museum 3New Orleans pharmacy museum 4
New Orleans pharmacy museum 5
New Orleans pharmacy museum 6
To my surprise, I found a cabinet full of dental medications and supplies while I was exploring. I easily spent over an hour just reading all of the labels on these containers. The future dentist in me could not be more intrigued.
New Orleans pharmacy museum 7
New Orleans pharmacy museum 9
Mercury-based Medicine.
Can you imagine trying to treat a stomach-ache, but instead you die from mercury poisoning? It's astonishing how little we once knew. 
New Orleans pharmacy museum 8
New Orleans pharmacy museum 10
The wealthy preferred their pills to be coated in gold and silver. But since the body doesn't absorb metals, they would pass the pills whole with the medication never being released. Literally, they were throwing money down the toilet. 
New Orleans pharmacy museum 11
Loved this classic soda fountain made of marble. Did you know, that soda was originally invented to cover the bad taste of medications? 
New Orleans pharmacy museum 12
New Orleans pharmacy museum 13
Tooth Powder Anyone? 
New Orleans pharmacy museum 14
New Orleans pharmacy museum 15
New Orleans pharmacy museum 16New Orleans pharmacy museum 17
I have to thank sweet Husband for letting us spend hours here exploring. We did this and the Museum of Death all in the same day. Museums are always a treat, but for me, medical museums are even more special because they give me an opportunity to learn about medicine from a unique perspective other than the textbooks that I'm used to. 

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