Friday, May 25, 2018

this week of dental school

Orange 🍊you glad that it's finally the weekend? And a 3 day weekend at that. Honestly, I don't know what I'm soooo excited about, seeing as my plans for this weekend involve catching up on lab-work at the dental school. Ha! 
After this crazy busy week of dental school, I'm just happy to have a little more dominion over my schedule. Here's a peak at this crazy week I've had. 

The week started off in the worst way possible with finding out that one of my denture patients now needs an additional $1k of oral surgery. This is going to delay the whole process that I had planned out just right. The only good news is that the oral surgeon is allowing me to do the surgery myself AND I think I may have figured out how to get my patient funding for the surgery. 

Tuesdays are quickly becoming my absolute favorite day of the week because only D4 senior students are in clinic, which means everything runs so much smoother without the underclassmen around. Also, we get a 2 hour lunch. I spent the morning placing 4 protective restorations on a patient and that afternoon, I opted to take a practical on a live patient. We have a few dozen of these practicals as graduation requirements so I'm trying to get these done early. I prepared so much for this, but was still amazed to find out that I got a 100%! 

We currently have Wednesday mornings off for now, before they are replaced with weekly exams starting next month. I used mine to run errands at the post office, doctor's office, etc. Then that afternoon, I drilled out the largest cavity that was sooo deep that I could see the nerve of the tooth. I couldn't take out all the decay without hitting the pulp/nerve. Instead I placed medicine and sealed it up. Hopefully, the tooth can heal itself from there, or else it will have to get root canal. 

Spent the morning working on two different denture cases and in the afternoon, I started my first root canal. This was the best day, but also beyond exhausting. Never ever have I been so ready for a Friday. 

My morning pediatric patients cancelled, which honestly worked out perfectly because I had plenty of work to get done. I spent the entire morning running around the dental school, talking to various faculty and popping into different clinics to get paperwork signed and appointments set up for my patients. Then that afternoon, I started the restorative portion of an implant case. That definitely felt so foreign, but thankfully I was prepared after lots of studying this week. busy week. Practical Exam on a Live Patient..that I aced. Working on 3 different Denture Cases. Starting my first Root Canal. Working on a Dental Implant. All that, and my schedule wasn't even full. I spent so much of my time in the mornings and evenings studying for my appointments, just to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing and that everything would go well. It was a hectic week, but a good one. And now I'm looking forward to enjoying the long Memorial Day weekend. 

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