Monday, May 28, 2018

desert oasis

After spending a day hiking through the desert in the hottest place on Earth, it was nice to stumble upon this hidden gem of a desert oasis in Palm Springs.
Pressure from the San Andreas Fault created underwater springs that support the palm trees in this area. It's kind of crazy to be wondering through the desert to suddenly happen upon a lush forest of palm trees.

There are lots of great hikes like this one in the Palm Springs area, but we chose to hike the prettiest lushest one...The Palm Canyon Trail. It's part of an Indian Reservation, so there is a small fee to enter the area. But we're happy to help support the local tribe and thankful that they are willing to share the beauty of their land with us outsiders. 
prettiest hike amongst the palm trees 🌴☀️ 
Craning our necks from below to see the tops of those giant palms....
before hiking our way to the top at the palm trees crown 
perfect place to a break and take in the views from the spring 
We spent our entire week out west hiking through the desert, but these were by far the easiest miles because we had the best views along our hike.
 I have the best memories of this morning...listening to humming birds fly by, having frond fights with Husband with the palm fronds that fallen to the desert floor, and just taking in all this lush green beauty. When I'm planning a travel adventure, I always get my hopes up with the highest expectations. Thankfully, Palm Springs turned out to be even more amazing then I could have imagined. 
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