Sunday, May 20, 2018

march 2018//

Oh March, what an incredible adventure you were. I got a little behind with sharing a full recap of you, but thankfully I finally had some time to sit down this past weekend and organize a few photos...ok a lot of photos. 
making restorations march lately
6 states. 7 flights. 30 miles hiked. And the list goes on....
March really was the busiest month!  

Started the month with the best visitor thanks to Husband being in town. Tom came for a visit at the end of February and decided to extend his trip and stay a bit longer. I cannot wait for this long distance part of our marriage to be over. But for now, I am grateful that he was here for the first week of March! I got to be with both my boys...who love their naps 😴 for a whole extra week. 
march life lately 1getting picked up from a full day of clinic by my guys march life lately 2
The highlight of the month was definitely heading off to the West Coast for Spring Break with the Husband. 
march life lately 3
But there is no so such thing as a true break when you're in grad school, so I studied at the airport and on the plane during our long travel days.
march life lately 4
We spent 8 days road-tripping through Arizona, California, and Nevada.
march life lately 5
Road-tripping through the desert, what a sight to see!
march life lately 6
We love those classic West Coast Views. 
march life lately 7
And I love that we got the best taste of West Coast History between finding abandoned Gold Mines 
march life lately 8
and discovering relics of Ghost Towns. 
march life lately 9
We did quite a bit of exploring of Rhyolite Ghost Town
march life lately 10
Managed to find a four leaf clover in the desert just in time for St. Patty's Day at the Neon Sign Museum.
2march life lately 1
march life lately 13
these desert sunsets....
march life lately 14
watching sunsets out west is so beautiful, but so sad because it means the day has come to an end 
march life lately 15
Unless you're Camping in Joshua Tree and can stay up all night watching the stars 
march life lately 16
Celebrating Pi day 3.14 with pizza pies at Pie for the People 
march life lately 17
Desert are my favorite 
march life lately 19
seriously, there are such diverse environments and terrain to traverse
march life lately 20
hey hey Saguaro 🌵 
march life lately 21
A week out west to us just wouldn't feel right unless there was camping involved
march life lately 22
Using my new field guide to identify all the cacti...yes I'm a nerd 
march life lately 23
Vegas Baby with my Baby!
march life lately 24
march life lately 25
Can't think of a better way to see a new place than by bike. And biking in pretty Palm Springs did not disappoint. 
march life lately 26
march life lately 27
Hiking in the Hottest place on Earth with the Hottest Guy I know.
march life lately 28
march life lately 29
And because I didn't get my full share of desert cacti from our hikes, we visited the best cacti botanical garden-The Cactarium
march life lately 30
Kicking it in the never-ending salt flats 
march life lately 31
and hiking amongst never-ending palm trees.
march life lately 32
That star quality. Love you Vegas
march life lately 33
studying at home in bed
march life lately 34
Can you guess which one I liked better? 
march life lately 35
march life lately 36Getting the best first glimpse of Spring thanks to the Bellagio Lobby in Vegas.
march life lately 37Take note world, this is what Spring is supposed to look like.march life lately 38
I finally got to try White Castle for the first time while in Vegas!
march life lately 39march life lately 4
Staying at the most hipster hotels out West.
march life lately 41
This was the morning view from our hotel balcony!
march life lately 42
We found bunny-ear cacti and some interesting scorpion pops to put into Easter baskets just in time for the upcoming holiday.
march life lately 43
Then finally back home to the East Coast
march life lately 44
to reunite with this cute puppy.
I finished making my first denture for a patient.
 Then, I spent the rest of the month cramming in as much studying as possible.
We ended March and kicked off April on the best note with a trip to New Orleans
march life lately 47
See what I mean when I said this month was busy and full of adventure? I love months like March that seem to have just the right dose of traveling and time spent with my husband balanced out with grad school so well. 

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