Friday, October 12, 2018

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Oh October! You're nearly halfway over and I'm left feeling dumbfounded and confused about how this happened. My favorite month is blurring right by, but thankfully, I had some time this past week to slow things down a bit and just pause. 

An Extra Extra Long Weekend 
Thanks to my Fall Break, I didn't have to head back to clinic until Wednesday. So I ended up with a 4 day weekend. Everything in me was tempted to plan a trip since Husband was off too. But I forced myself to try out something new---relaxing. I slept all day Saturday. All day! Such a luxury that I haven't experienced in a long time. On Sunday, Tom and I did some major decorating...details below. Then on Monday, I spent time unpacking and organizing our new place before heading to an important meeting. Finally Tuesday---my last day of freedom was spent doing all the work with spending hours at my favorite coffee shop. 

Decorating our Home 
For the first time in our 5 year marriage, Tom and I are making a home together. And we decided to make a bold choice with trying out this malachite stone wallpaper, especially after I found a great deal that couldn't be resisted. 
I don't even remember how the idea of doing wallpaper made it onto my radar. And even once I committed, I was worried that this pattern would be too much, but I am loving how it turned out. It is the perfect accent wall for our cozy loft apartment and my jaw drops every-time I look at it. Since it's only been up for a few days and we haven't quite adjusted to it yet, it's still a pleasant surprise to see whenever I walk into our bedroom. I just wish this picture could do justice to the gold metallics that shine through in person. Cannot wait to share more details on our loft with a full apartment tour, but in the's a peek at our place

Dental Rotations
Even though I loved my long weekend, one of the best parts of my week was getting back to the clinic. There has been a bit of a learning curve since starting my dental rotations at the end of September. But now that things have settled in, I could not be happier. It still blows my mind that everyday is a new opportunity to change lives. Not everyone gets to say that about what they do. To have terrified nervous patients walk into my life and having the chance to impact their lives positively for the better is the best possible feeling. 

Husband has been on the West Coast for a conference during the later part of this week so I am especially looking forward to this weekend when he will return home. 
Happy Weekending! 

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