Friday, October 19, 2018

friday favorites 10.19.18

Happy Friday Y'all! This week felt like a long one and I'm not even sure why. Nothing major happened, just really busy. And I'm on emergency patient call today so I have a feeling that it's going to be a long Friday. But I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend and feeling pretty ambitious about doing all the things. But first, here are some highlights from the week. 

A Place to Call Home 
Virginia is for Lovers ❤️ After Tom arrived home from his conference last weekend, we couldn't help but snap a few photos by this favorite mural. We love our new home in Norfolk Virginia, but mostly we love that this place is what has brought us together after all those years of long distance dating and a long distance marriage. 

Cuba Guides 
I finally finished my Guides to Cuba from our trip this past summer. I will have our Cuba Travel Budget up next week, but in the meantime I've shared my guide for what to wear in Cuba and a lost American's guide to Havana that includes everything what to see to how to get there to how to apply for a visa

Autumn Target Purchases
Oops! I may have gone a little overboard with a few recent autumn purchases at Target. I distinctly remember going in there to purchase a mop (which I forgot by the the way) and leaving with all the Fall things. 

Mushroom Wreath: I am obsessed with this wreath because it is so inherently Fall, but also very unique. And points to Husband for picking this out. The only trouble is that we found that our apartment door doesn't support those over the door wreath hangers. Not to worry though, I WILL figure out a way to hang this wreath. 

Plush Pumpkin: I actually already have a few of these from last year and just added this one into the mix. I'm really enjoying having subtle hints of Autumn all around our place. 

A Panama Hat: Yes, I purchased another hat. What can I say? If it weren't rude or weird to do, I would wear a hat 24/7 and this one in navy just seemed like the perfect Fall go-to. 

Something for the Pup: We used to subscribe to BarkBox, but found that it wasn't the most economical thing since PJ's allergies prevented him from having most of the treats that came with it. So, I am thrilled that Target is carrying this line of toys. 

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