Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pencil Skirts and Lace

I have to apologize for my recent absence as I usually like to post a few times a week, but I was sick. Like thought I was going to die sick. Yay for sinus infections! I will try not to leave that long again because I really did miss blogging. Anyway I'm ready to catch you up on everything that was missed which really was mostly sick me struggling through yet another full week of classes, exams, and skills assessments. However, this is my last week of the spring term so I'm trying to stay positive. Then we get a full week off before our summer semester begins. Yes, we have school year round. Just trying to be grateful though and focus on the week off and nothing makes me happy like a cute outfit, so I started the day off with this...

What I'm Wearing? 
Shirt: J Crew Factory 
Cardigan: Exact
Skirt: Ann Taylor Outlet 
Necklace: Exact
Watch: Exact
Shoes: Fabulaire 

Nails: Revlon Sunlit Grass 

As I have mentioned I typically have trouble incorporating neutrals into my closet. Nice white tops are something every girl should own and one day I realized I had none because I so busy with colorful items. However, the lace texture of this tee takes it up a notch from a plain white shirt. It's 100% cotton so it is comfy enough to feel like you are wearing a t-shirt, yet it looks great with dress clothes. This is the kind of shirt that you can wear for work and play.

These shoes are the perfect combo of materials. It's got a suede like material, but also has a bit of shine and a bow like embellishment. Just enough to make sure that they aren't another pair of boring brown heels, but not so noticeable that they dominant my outfit.

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