Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Work-It-Out Wednesday

As you all know this past week was hellish for me so I recovered by indulging myself on Saturday. I also found a lot of solace in working out. It was the first week where I felt motivated enough to look forward to exercising as opposed to having to drag myself to the gym. I started looking at it as an opportunity for me time where I didn't have to study. And as much as I am not an exercise fanatic, I would much rather do that than learn about neuro pathways. So here are my workouts for the past week.

Ab Routine 
Elliptical 3 miles 

2 mile Inclined Walk 
Ab Routine 

1 mile Inclined Walk 
1.5 mile jog 
Ab Routine 

My main goal for next week is definitely going to be to work on being more flexible. As of now, if I don't work out first thing in the morning it doesn't happen at all. I really need to work on pushing myself even if I am tired and have had a long day. Leaving you with favorite inspirational quote this week.

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