Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Much Needed Night Out

While I consider my partying days long behind me, a good friend here in Boston asked us to join in for her birthday celebration. And of course we were happy to go. The night started out with drinks and desserts at her place and then we all hopped onto the T and migrated to a bar that hosts dancing with 90's themed music on the weekends. You know good stuff like 'NSync, Nelly, Brittany Spears, Green Day, and yes folks the Macarena!


What I'm Wearing? 
Shirt: Charlotte Russe (really old)
Pants: Old Navy Exact
Shoes: Calvin Klein Similar
Necklace: J Crew Factory 
Purse: DKNY
Nails: Essie Exact

Normally, I would prefer to be in bed early on the weekends since they are my best chance of catching up on sleep and studying. And even though I am on a break, I would definitely consider husband and I home bodies. Plus my view of how we "should" behave has changed considerably since we started graduate school. Sometimes, I really have to stop and remind myself that I'm still in my early 20's. I have been fortunate to accomplish so much this early in life, but it shouldn't be a reason to deprive myself of the carefree experiences that I should be having at this stage. So nights like this are most welcome every once in a while.

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