Friday, June 6, 2014

25 Days of Summer

Yes I am aware that there are more than 25 days during the summer, in fact there are exactly 93 days between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox this year. As this summer marks my 25th summer of life I wanted to attempt to spend 25 days doing 25 different activities. You see I haven't been on a summer vacation in years. Instead I've logged in some pretty crappy summers. While I watched my friends travel the world I took summer classes and did research while working to make myself a competitive dental school applicant. Last summer, I spent the entire thing wedding planning and as I am an overly detail oriented perfectionist who has trouble delegating, there were more days filled with stress than there were with fun. So even though this summer is going to be one of my most difficult semesters, I think that it is going to be essential to make time for myself.

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. I'm totally obsessed with Frozen right now. 


  1. great idea! I need to whip up a similar "bucket list" before I start med school in 2 months. the time is flying already. I def want to try some new things/places and do some diy projects. Any suggestions?

    Ele @ InspirationEle

  2. Definitely Ele, I tell everyone I know entering a professional medical based program to take as much time to themselves as possible the summer before