Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fresh Start

One of the advantages of having an exam every week is that after each test you have the chance to start anew. This past Tuesday I stayed up very late and got up fairly early on Wednesday morning to squeeze in some extra studying for my respiratory exam. And after our test, we had dental lab so to say that I was exhausted yesterday is an understatement. I literally came home from school and crashed, totally missing yesterday's Work-It-Out Wednesday post. And with that said, I think it's time for a change.

What I'm Wearing? 
Blouse: Lilly Pulitzer Delray Top in Bungle in the Jungle 
Earrings: Kate Spade Finishing Touch Bows
Pants: Talbots Capris 
Shoes: Tahari Colette Pump 

I originally choose Wednesdays to discuss my fitness/health routine because for me it represents the end of the week. However, I'm normally fairly useless Monday through Wednesday and posting on Wednesdays just isn't working for me anymore. Thus, I will no longer be limiting myself to discussing fitness on Wednesdays. I would much rather post right after a great work out or the day I make a really healthy meal. I think that doing this will allow me to make those posts more I'm going to try something new. 

I'm also hoping to make a fresh start and finish strong on the dental school front. We only have a week and half of classes left before getting a full week break! In that time though we have our first renal system exam, a crown preparation skills assessment, and several projects due. 

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