Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Hunt for the Perfect Summer Sandal

At the beginning of each season, I like to assess my wardrobe in order to make sure I'm building my closet and not buying more of the same. I realized fairly quickly that I needed to be in the market for a good sandal for this summer. Because I don't have free time to go shopping I ordered a range of sandals in different styles that I liked and was hoping would fit my criteria. 

Comfort: I literally have no arch so I'm really picky about shoes providing good support. 

Price Point: Sandals don't typically have a long life so I didn't want to spend too much. Because I was looking for something with a high comfort level though I was willing to spend up to $50 for the perfect sandal. 

Style & Versatility: Had to work with my current summer wardrobe.

A dash of something extra: While I was looking for something that would blend well, I also didn't want the shoes themselves to be boring. I wanted them to be able to accentuate an outfit one day while being the focal piece the next day. 

 I love the way these sandals look on me. The cognac color makes them very versatile. It also has an orange hue to it which works well with my skin tone. The swooping sandal bands and the pop of gold around the toe made them visually interesting. Not to mention that they were slide on sandals so no rubbing in the back. At $25 the price was definitely right, but these were a major let down in the comfort department. I had heard that Sam & Libby shoes really are meant for a narrow foot and oh boy is that true. The throng between my first and second toes was definitely uncomfortable. While I thought about keeping them since they more than met my expectations everywhere else, I got the feeling that even if broken in, the throng would always hurt. Plus the cushioning in the sole was pretty minimal for me. So unfortunately these had to go back.

Sam & Libby Karina Sandal 

Sam Edelman is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands as I am in love with these shoes that I own. So these automatically received bonus points. They also ended up being the most comfortable sandal thanks to all the padding in the sole, but that's where the good points ended. This shoe was just too much for me and it dominated my small frame. On sale they were still over budget at $56. These had to go back. 

I will end the suspense early and let you know that this pair of sandals was definitely not a winner. They got a decent amount of style points from me, but the quality was very poor. The ends of the straps were already pilling when they arrived. I didn't even want to try them on. And once I did try them, more flaws came to light. For instance, these shoes provide zero support, just a very thin strip separating your foot from the hard ground underneath. I have yet to find a pair of shoes from Target that I think are worth purchasing and these are no different.  Definitely not worth the $20 price tag.

Mossimo Lakita Sandal 

My favorite feature about this sandal is the contrast between neutrality and a wow factor. The tope color of the straps is beautiful and makes them very wearable, but they also have a little edginess thanks the the silver studs and turquoise beading. On the flip side, the turquoise does limit their versatility a little. After trying them on and based on my past experiences with Sam Edelman shoes, I'm confident that they will provide the support I need. Also, the strap in the back is more of an elastic material, which will prevent rubbing. The only real downside is the price...$70. Thankfully, I found them sale making them within the $50 price ranged. Added bonus, I used a gift card to scoop them up at no cost to me. Definitely winners!

The best thing about these sandals for me is the color. Officially, they are "tangerine", it's a pink-orange color. While I am a fan of the color, it definitely limits its versatility. I like the design pattern of the straps and they have both gold and silver studs on them, which gives you more jewelry options. I managed to pick these up on sale for only $19 and unlike the other pair of Sam & Libby shoes, these did not pinch my feet. However, there was little to no cushioning in the bottom of this shoe so unfortunately they also went back. 

Sam & Libby Hope Sandal 

This sandal from gap sold out almost immediately on the site, which really bummed me out. They were still available in other colors, but not the brown and gold. Then I found them in my size on clearance in store. They were marked down from $39.95 to $29.99, well within my price range. The cushioning in the shoe was more than sufficient, though only time will tell how comfy they actually are. These got major style points from me as the brown and gold straps made them stylish and versatile. These were easily a winner.

So in the end I walked away with two pairs of sandals for a $30. Mission accomplished. 

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