Monday, June 2, 2014

Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City

I realize that many of my blog posts as of late have been a little down. These past few weeks have been such a struggle for me to keep up with and I was starting to feel that things would never slow down. My next school break isn't until July so I was feeling more than a little depressed. And then the clouds parted and the evil monkeys on my back flew away. Basically, two wonderful things happened at once. First I unexpectedly got out of class at 10am on Friday and two this weeks exam got cancelled!

Shirt/Bangle: J Crew Factory// Shorts: American Eagle// Earrings: Kate Spade// Sandals: Gap

This totally freed up my weekend. I took complete advantage of that time to get my life together. Here's what I did

1. My parents gifted me a new sofa for my birthday, so I sold my old sofas. Then husband I and picked up the new sofa and got it set up at my apartment. We also grabbed some decor items and new lighting. This all breathed new life into the room. I will share a before and after once it's all finished. 
2. Completely reorganized and cleaned out my living room and storage closet
3. I got a dress for an event I'm attending in the next few weeks 
4. Finished 90% of the decorations for my dinner party this upcoming weekend 

So as I typed these out, I realized that none of this may seem very exciting, but they definitely were for me. I normally spend the entire weekend studying so it was nice to be able to focus on getting some other things done. When my school schedule does pick back up in speed, the fact that the rest of my life is organized will help. 

Love love the back of this shirt. Wore my hair in a bun just to highlight it


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  1. Hurray for cancelled exams and early release from class! Love this top on you and it's so pretty with the yellow pants!

  2. sorry you havent felt to good lately! hope you get some time to relax! I LOVE that cute blouse! such a fun color and floral print! great look!