Friday, April 10, 2015

Harpoon Brewery Tour

 When I was in Boston visiting Husband last weekend, we decided to swing by Harpoon Brewery. Tom has taught me an appreciation for craft brewed beer so brewery tours have quickly become one of our favorite things to do together. From Pale Ales to Porters--we love them all. Craft brewed beer is about seeking out diversity and creating new yet complex flavors. It's about exploring new avenues to create a better bolder beer. Craft beer has its own unique history and subculture, something that Tom and I have immersed ourselves in fully. 
Come join us!

You may have noticed that microbreweries are gaining a lot of popularity. I mean, they are literally popping up all over the place. Heck, we even know a few people that brew beer and have some friends that own their own brewery. We have Harpoon Brewery to thank for that as they played a big role in the rebirth of the micro-brewing industry. While Harpoon Brewery is on the macro scale these days, they still specialize in craft brews so we were more than happy to visit.

First thing Saturday morning, we headed straight there. 
Is 11AM too early to be sampling beer? 
Well no one at Harpoon thought so....

A Behind the Scenes Tour 

"His & Hers" Beer Flights!
Plus yummy pretzels made from byproducts of the brewing process 
Variety is the flavor of Life!

Tom and I were definitely impressed with every aspect of this place. 
It was a perfect way to kick off a Saturday. 
Happy Weekend Y'all!

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