Sunday, April 19, 2015


Today was the day that many of us have been anxiously awaiting. It's Pink Sunday! As you all know,  big news hit The Juice Stand a few weeks ago as Lilly Pulitzer and Target announced a collaboration. The bold prints and sophisticated style associated with the Lilly Pulitzer brand would now be available in an affordable location. Prepsters around the globe should have been rejoicing at such wondrous news, but instead there were a lot of negativity. 

People flocked to social media to share their opinions on the matter. Here is a glimpse at just a few. 

"Lilly used to be classy, selling it at Target takes away from it's prestige. Lilly Pulitzer is rolling her eyes from her grave" 

"Lilly Pulitzer is a luxury for high end buyers. #LillyforTarget is the worst idea ever!" 

"Now everyone can afford it. Lilly just went from classy to trashy. Horrible idea"

Many Lilly Lovers suggested that making the brand more affordable would take away from it's class--as if having discretionary funds defines your level of class. Others simply felt less entitled because Lilly would now be more readily available to the masses. This was all a bit too elitist for me. I mean seriously, you're not that important. If we should learn anything from Lilly Pulitzer, it's that class is a state of being... it's defined by how you carry yourself and how you interact with others. No one can know how Lilly would feel about her brand being sold at Target, but I think it's safe to say that she would never condone the sentiments that have been expressed. As a true lover and owner of lots of Lilly, I say let's go to Target! 

While I am a fan of the collaboration, the whole process really left a lot to be desired. I think I speak for many when I say that we expected more from Target. The official online launch began at 3AM Eastern Standard time. However, by that time many items had already sold out! How did this happen? Well around 12:30AM, you could access the Lilly items via Target's mobile site. This occurred during random intervals as part of a network error, though Target has agreed to uphold sales during this time. I managed to snag a few pieces for myself. Thank goodness for that because I never was able to make it to checkout through the standard website. We are helpless to the computer glitches of this technology age. I finally took a stress nap around 3:30AM before waking up bright and early to wait in line outside of my local Target.

The lines wrapped around the building. While I waited in line here in the South, my amazing husband waited in line up North. Seriously, how amazing is he? When he offered to go to Target for me, I gleefully accepted. What husband willingly goes to Target at 7AM on a Sunday morning to wait in line with soccer moms and sorority girls just to get his wife some Lilly?

Waiting for the doors to open was excruciating, but then it happened and all chaos ensued. People were attacking the racks in a mad frenzy. Knowing that I had already snagged a few dresses online and that I had given Husband explicit instructions to grab any and every piece of clothing that he could, I ran straight to the back of the store! My rationale was that I can get Lilly Pulitzer dresses anytime, but what I was really after were the home good products associated with the Target line. And I scored big! I got all of the Lilly Pulitzer bar items that I wanted...the straw stirs, the golden giraffe bottle opener, the wine bottle corks. All mine! Can't wait to style my DIY barcart.

As I ran full speed towards the home goods, I managed to grab some accessories too. My biggest achievement were these pineapple sandals that I've been coveting and this golden embroidered purse!

Plus I grabbed this beach stripes with a touch of glimmer and pom pom fringe. Swoon!
Oh and Husband managed to get a few beach towels on his end.

I also snagged the cutest beach bag. Seriously, now we need to fill our summer up with beach trips.
And guess what's peaking out of that gorgeous beach bag? 

That's right, it's the coveted pom pom shorts! 

Thanks to my amazing husband and my online Target stalking all night, I managed to get some great Lilly clothing items. Can't wait for the mail now and I'm even more so looking forward to seeing Husband now that I know he has Lilly waiting for me! By some miracle, I got this Shift Dress! Really hoping it fits, I was literally just tossing things into my cart.

Also can't decide which of these I'm more excited to wear?
The Satin Jumpsuit in "Boom Boom" or the Maxi Dress in "Nosie Posey"

And lastly, but definitely not least-I grabbed the Flounce Dress in "Giraffing Me Crazy". You guys know that I love giraffes so I'm really excited about this print.

I was very fortunate with all the items that I managed to grab. I think I got a good mix, but I only got a fraction of the things that I was after. Target was not prepared for the craziness associated with us Lilly Lovers. Neither the online site nor the stores were stocked enough to handle the traffic. The website was pretty much sold out immediately and 5 minutes after the stores opened...the racks looked like this.

I hope that everyone who participated managed to get something that they wanted. I'll be sharing full outfit posts and reviews of the items that I grabbed soon. 


  1. I underestimated how popular Lilly Pulitzer is lol... glad you're one of the lucky ones to snap a few pairs. Twitter folks went loco when items sold out.

    And what's wrong with affordable priced clothing? that makes you trashy?! mmm okay lol

    1. Yea Lilly Pulitzer is super popular in the South and in pockets of New England. I think people really underestimated just how much people love the esthetic. Even if it was kind of a disaster, I'm glad that the brand was made more affordable-even if just for a little while