Saturday, April 4, 2015

Total Hipsters

Last night, the husband and I headed Downtown to Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art. The museum sits right on the water, providing exquisite views that add to its allure. On the first Friday of each month, the ICA hosts an event that offers a wide array of cultural experiences. It was the perfect place for a unique date night. As the sun set, we spent the evening discussing art, watching live performances, and drinking microbrews. After a night like that, how could we be considered anything other than Total Hipsters? 

What I'm Wearing? 
Jacket: Nautica [similar] || Shirt: J Crew Factory [similar]|| 
Pants: my favorites are no longer available but I'm loving these
|| Purse: Kate Spade [leather version here]|| 
Shoes: exact

Necklace: Target|| Hat: exact|| Nails: exact 

A Very Handsome Husband 

and a Very Happy Wife 

We definitely lucked out because this month's theme was Footloose, which meant tons of live dance performances. Seriously, they had everything from Irish Step Dancing (it is Boston after all!) to Belly Dancers. 

Our absolute favorites were the Bollywood dancers! Loved how they blended traditional and modern music...and their love and enthusiam for the dance really shone through. Their performance alone was definitely worth the ticket price. I couldn't believe that we still had all of the galleries to explore. 

There were some phenomenal pieces of art there, but sometimes certain pieces just speak to you. My favorite was the "Wall with Incisions a la Fontana" by Adriana Varaj√£o. 

The juxtaposition of the pristine cold tiles compared to the warmth of the flesh beneath really resonated with me. 

Husband on the other hand was a big fan of the Sonic Aboretum. It was a collaboration piece with sculptor Ian Schneller constructing the horns that amplified music by violinist Andrew Bird. All that I can say is that we were definite fans. 

A setting sun and a little dancing....

When we left the ICA, we realized we were only a few blocks away from one of our favorite restaurants...The Barking Crab.

 Hanging lobster traps filled with twinkling lights. Top that off with crab cakes and lobster roll sandwiches. Um yes please! 

As we walked towards home with full bellies and enlightened minds, there was jazz music being piped through some outdoor speakers. I thought that the evening couldn't get any better, but we suddenly found ourselves slow dancing on the Marina. It really was a magical evening and the perfect date night. 
Happy Weekend Everyone. 

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