Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Overboard: April Budget

Um so yea...I definitely spent much more than usual this month, by a lot. I would love to blame it on the Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch, but I've known about that for months so there is no excuse. I'm thinking that May might be a good time for my annual "no buy month", where I go the entire month without buying any clothes. For now, here is a look at my April spending.
ModCloth Oh Classy Day Hat 
  Original $20
Never really fancied myself a hat person, but this one called to me and has been perfect for all of my travel adventures. You will be seeing it a lot of it. See how I styled it here

Also, I'm not sure if I should me angry or happy with TJMaxx. I don't really know how I wound up in the shoe department, but they supplied my closet with flats and sandals for the season at a fraction of the original price! 
   Original $70 Purchased via TJMaxx $35

   Original $60 Purchased via TJMaxx $30

   Original $70 Purchased via TJMaxx $25

Next I reacquainted myself with Old Navy. All the weight that I've been losing means that things are fitting differently. I normally wear a medium there so when the perfect dress was only available in small and large, I wasn't going to bother trying it on, but the small size fit! 

Old Navy Striped Teri-Fleece Dress in Dark Blue Stripe 
  Original $35 on Sale for $14
I actually originally purchased this dress for a little more, but it went on sale directly after. Old Navy honored the sale price and refunded me the difference. Great Customer Service! 

  Original on Sale for $12 with promo $7.44

Old Navy Maxi Tank Dress
  Original $30 on Sale for $20 

Loft Petite Curvy Skinny Jeans in Proper Blue Wash
  Original $60 on Sale for $30 with 60% off $12
I also placed a big order at Loft, including this blouse that I really wanted to work, but it was much too thin and sheer for my taste. The only items that I ended up keeping were these perfect pair of jeans and this bag for travel (different budget). 

You guys know that I am obsessed with all things Lilly so I definitely took part in the Lilly for Target Launch. My experience and my feelings with the whole crazy process are here. I've decided to keep all of the barware and beach goodies that I snagged, but most of the clothing items were a disappointment. I either wasn't impressed or had sizing issues when my items arrived in the mail so I only kept the following items.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Embroidered Clutch
  Original $24 with 5% off $22.80 

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Satin Jumpsuit in "Boom Boom"
  Original $44 with 5% off $41.80

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Golden Pineapple Sandal
  Original $30 with 5% off $28.50

I totally thought that I was done for the month, but then I stopped into TJMaxx again for kitchen towels. Instead, I left with the most beautiful trench coat in my favorite color! No it's not pink...although I did pick up a pink trench in FebruaryI'm obsessed with Sam Edelman shoes, so it stands to reason that I would love the clothing as well. I picked up this bold coral Sam Edelman trench for $60. It was fortuitous timing as this jacket was perfect for our Canadian getaway! Trip recaps & budget coming soon :) 

April Total: $316.54 
Yearly Total $1500-$50 [January]-$160 [February]-$75 [March]-$317[April]=$898 remaining for the year 

I've got less than $900 for the year, which averages at just over $100 per month, but I also have a J Crew order from this month. I've been traveling so I suspect it's been delivered to my place by now. If I keep anything from the order, I will share that in May, but I definitely think that next month needs to be a "no buy month". 

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  1. Love the hat and the coral trench coat! Nice finds :) Hope you had fun on your trip to Canada!

  2. That bright trench is so adorable on you!! You got a lot of great staples this month. :) I'm sorry that the Lilly for Target clothing items didn't work out for you, but those sandals sure are cute.

    xo Kimi

    1. Thanks Kimi, I'm obsessed with the trench coat. I was sad about the Lilly items initially, but I think it's better that I spent on staples more than anything else.

  3. Found you via the link-up. :)

    So jealous of that Gigi sandal find! I've been wanting a pair, but can't justify the full price to myself. Sam Edelman is probably one of my top three brands for shoes. I'm also jealous you snagged those Lilly for Target pineapple sandals, loved those! And Old Navy is killing it lately!

    1. Sam Edelman shoes are my favorite too. I was in heaven to find both those and the MK sandals. I love TJMaxx for clothes and home goods on a budget