Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Helicopters & Waterfalls!

One of the best ways that Tom and I viewed Niagara Falls was with a helicopter ride because nothing beats a Birds Eye View! I can't even put words to how thrilling and impressive this whole experience was for us. It was surreal to see the magnificence of the Falls all at once, especially since our helicopter ride seemed to be ideal place for catching glimpses of rainbows over the waterfalls. 
Sitting in the airport lobby waiting our turn was so hard.
It was my first time in a helicopter and while it felt shaky compared to the large planes that I'm used to, my only focus was on the amazing view 
and the best travel companion that I could ask for
It was the perfect day for a helicopter ride for two.
Crystal Clear Waters and Rainbows too! 
How could we not love Niagara Falls?
Niagara was breathtaking. It lured us in and we wanted to see it in every way possible. Between all of our adventures and this helicopter ride, I definitely think that we accomplished our goal. 
Back soon to share how we spent our time in Toronto. 

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  1. Ahh I've always wanted to take a helicopter tour. Those views are breathtaking!