Saturday, May 30, 2015

Steam Whistle!

One of the best ways to drink in a new city is to drink their local brews (see what I did there?). We had lots of delicious local beers while in Toronto thanks to breweries like The Mill Street Brew Pub and Great Lakes Brewery. One locale that is the epitomy of Toronto was the Steam Whistle Brewery. It's a place full of amazing people, delicious beer, and an interesting history. As the Steam Whistle Brewery was just across the street from our favorite Toronto activity, we decided to take a brewery tour. 

As it's name might imply, the Steam Whistle Brewery is located at an old train station....right at Toronto's original Union Station to be exact. Told you there was an interesting history involved. As such, there are lots of de-commissioned trains around and there's even an old turnstile. We were like two little kids running all over the property and exploring the different trains. 

A bird's eye view of Steam Whistle brewery thanks to the CN Tower
Look at all those trains! 

Even though it was the middle of the day on a Monday, it was packed. I guess there are a lot of day drinkers in Toronto--ourselves included. 

Tom and I have been on a ton of brewery tours, but this one was unique because we've always gone on the weekend when the lines weren't actually running. Being a week day, the brewery was chugging along at full speed, which meant that we got to taste the freshest beer right off the line. 

Another bit of uniqueness about the Steam Whistle Brewery is that they only make one beer. It's hard to believe that whole company is able to run off a single beer, but if you've got a winner, why change it! Makes since that their motto is 
"We do one thing really really well" 

Yes indeed they do! 

I liked Steam Whistle more than Husband, but that's to be expected since the only 
beer they make is a Pilsner. Tom prefers his beer dark while I prefer mine on the 
light side. Hmmm....I guess that's indicative of our tastes in other areas too! 

Love having this fun guy as my travel partner! 

The Steam Whistle Brewery Staff in Action! 

I know that you were wondering and yes they have an actual Steam Whistle inside

On top of playing on the trains and drinking the freshest brews, we went home with quite a few goodies. That's the best kind of brewery tour! We were sent home with two Pilsner glasses. And I also picked up some doggy treats for PJ, made from their recycled barley. Our spoiled pup was just as happy as can be during my absence because he got to go to doggy daycare during our Canada trip, but I was missing him so. 


  1. Replies
    1. Some of my friends tease us a little bc we go on so many brewery tours, but they are all so unique! This was definitely the case with Steam Whistle Brewery.

  2. I would be so excited about all the trains too!

    1. Haha I think the locals thought we were crazy but Husband loves trains (and beer) so I added this into our trip just for him