Friday, May 1, 2015

Au Revoir to April!

April has literally been the best month yet... I hate to see it come to an end. It was a month filled with adventure and growth. Even with all the stressors of dental school, I managed to squeeze in lots of quality time with Tom and even crossed a few things off my Bucket List! I wish that every month could be this good.....

Like March, April started out with a trip to see my Tom. We weren't planning to be together during Easter weekend, but extra rewards points and birthday money from my parents bought PJ and I a roundtrip ticket to Boston at the last minute. 
Yay for unplanned visits! 

We took complete advantage of this unexpected time together by filling up the weekend with lots of dates. We spent an evening being Total Hipsters at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art 

and toured Harpoon Brewery where we sampled new beers and ate beer battered pretzels

There was lots of exploring around the city, including venturing around Boston's Back Bay.You guys, I am now officially obsessed with Brownstones! 

we squeezed in as many good eats as possible thanks to Sushi dates, lobster rolls, and our favorite J.P. Licks ice creamery 

Plus there were lots of yummy Easter goodies to enjoy from the most amazing In-Laws

As I flew back towards school (with a whole row to myself), reality set in.
 I had a very big month ahead. 

Cue all things related to dental school....
As cool as it can be, I'm absolutely sure that orthodontics is not for me! 
But still very cool. 

Building partial dentures wasn't so bad, but mostly I just spent a whole lot of time studying for my national boards.

 I'm pretty behind on my study schedule so thankfully I built in time to catch-up. Regardless, I have the best study buddy. Even though he naps during most of the actual studying, he's always up for a Starbucks Study Break with a Puppuccino! 

And what month would be complete without some homemade baked treats? Am I right? 
These dark chocolate coconut granola bars are going into my regular rotation. 

April meant lots of moments focusing on the little Snippets that make wonderful pretty printed paper and lemon scented bubble bath that takes you to your Happy Place. 

Can you tell that I missed Husband this month? I sent him this lemon themed care package because sending little tokens makes me feel closer to him while reminding him of how special he is to me. 

like I seriously missed him...

Thankfully, April ended in the best way possible; with a great adventure together! I flew back to Boston to meet up with Tom and then we headed off to Canada together. 

If you follow along on Instagram, then you may have seen a few glimpses from our trip, but there is lots more to share! My Canada recaps start tomorrow. I'll be sharing our adventures, guides to planning your own trip, what we spent, and an oh so fun travel video!
But for now...

Au Revoir to April 
Bonjour to May


  1. Your dog is sooo cute! And so is that care package you put together!

    1. Thank you Mattie-his cuteness level definitely makes him spoiled