Wednesday, June 28, 2017

alligators in the everglades

Everglades National Park is well known for hosting a unique range of animals: alligators, crocodiles, even jaguars. So my hopes were high with expecting to see lots of wildlife. We only had the morning to spend in the Everglades as we had afternoon plans in Biscayne National Park, so I was the most impatient thing ever with searching for wildlife.
I was nervous that we wouldn't get to see much of anything in the short time that we had to spend there, but we got our first glimpse of wildlife with some unexpected visitors right when we pulled into the parking lot. 
Apparently the vultures here love to steal the rubber and vinyl pieces off of cars and we saw them digging into quite a few. Thankfully, we were already camping and had a tarp and bungee cords in the trunk to cover the car. Some others were not as well prepared. 
 We spent the morning doing the famous Anhinga Trail and let's just say my fears about getting to see wildlife were completely misplaced. 
 It's one thing to see an animal at the zoo, but another to it in it's habitat in the wild. 
Oh just a casual morning in the Everglades, watching alligators ☀️ 👀 🐊 

 Heard the grass rustling right beside me and spotted this little guy, thankfully humans move faster on land than alligators do. 
test your eyes, can you spot the alligator amongst the lilly pads? 
Colorful birds and camouflaged fish. 
Alligators on the loose! 
Fanning palms and mangrove trees. 
Evergaldes National Park really is it's own unique world, missing these saw-grass marshes so desperately. And already planning for when I can get back and do the famous bike trails here. 

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