Tuesday, June 20, 2017

a day in the life of a dental student: spring break

Dental school is year-round, which always makes me jealous of my med school friends. As such, it makes the few breaks that we are given so precious. This year, I did my spring break just right with mixing in a short southern road trip (Tennessee & Kentucky) with relaxing and still being productive and getting lots of work done. Before summer officially begins tomorrow, I thought it'd be a perfect time to share a rare glimpse of a relaxing day in the life of a dental student

6:35AM I'm normally up at 4AM, so this is sleeping in for me. But it's ok because I get to wake up to fresh flowers on my bedside table. These beauties survived a 5 hour car ride back from Nashville (here & here) just for me to enjoy. 
I take the time to read an inspirational quote for the day and journal over a light breakfast of granola and grapefruit. 

7:30AM Off to the park for a workout. I do intervals, alternating between walking and running and just enjoy my time because this is so rare. 
9AM Back home and I have breakfast again, cereal & a fruit smoothie. Then a quick shower. 

10AM I take a nap because sleep debt is a real thing and I need to catch up on sleep while I have a chance. Also, I take advantage of admiring my handiwork with my DIY headboard whenever I can. 

12PM I love baths and may as well enjoy one and relax since I have time. 

1:30PM Once I finish my bath, I make a Mexican salad for lunch. Then I end up falling asleep again. 

3PM I wake up from my second nap and realize that I should probably do something productive with my day. So I alternate between reviewing patient records and studying for an upcoming exam. 

7PM I finally grab a late dinner at my favorite Indian place and having a working dinner, while I get a bit more studying done. 

10PM Bed 

Normally every moment of every day is scheduled and accounted for, so this was a rare chance to play things by ear and relax, but still be ultra productive and get a lot done. Missing spring break and wishing I could have more days like this one. 

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