Wednesday, June 14, 2017

mountain zip-lining

Every trip needs an incredible adventure to go along with it, one stand out experience that sticks with you forever. While everything we did during our camping trip was amazing, zip-lining through the Blue Ridge Mountains was easily the highlight. 
We lived in our rain jackets the entire time. Normally, rain during an outdoor excursion would ruin things, but in this case, it made the cables slick (but still safe) and even faster than usual. 

I hate that these photos don't do this experience justice. While zip-lining we had direct views of the mountain range as we passed through the trees. No chance of grabbing a decent photo because we were zipping so fast and so high. Thankfully, we captured some go pro footage of the whole thing that I can't wait to go through.  
This was a fun way to find out if my little sister was afraid of heights (thankfully she's not) and a once in a lifetime experience for us to bond over. Here's a little video of our adventure: 


  1. That looks so fun!! All that green is making me miss VA!

    1. This is in NC, so that totally makes sense. You could pop over to vermont ("the green mountain state") if you want the Northern version of this greenery