Saturday, January 13, 2018


Wanted to check in after being MIA during this past week. I had a pretty rough start to the week and it only got harder from there. But I licked my wounds or stitched them up as it were and powered through it. 
The husband left on Monday, which was tough after having 3 uninterrupted weeks together---the most time we've spent together all at once since 2015. Though if I'm honest, I've hardly had the time to fully process his absence because this week was so jam-packed at dental school. We had the first exam of the semester. And I have to say, it was the hardest didactic exam that I've taken in a while. Definitely got my butt kicked, but I guess that's to be expected when you take an exam on "periodontal osseous and implant surgery". I spent the week on an oral and maxillofacial surgery rotation, which involves extracting/pulling teeth, minor osseous surgeries (like removing bone or placing bone grafts), and placing stitches/sutures-hence the banana! It was my practice patient before the real deal.
In the clinic, I had some really tough cases that tested my confidence and left me feeling exhausted every single day. There were more of those "um" moments where you second guess yourself then I care to admit. But even still, it's getting easier to think critically and come up with new maneuvers when the tried-and-true methods don't work. By the end of the week, I even tackled one of the resident cases, which felt good after how things started out on Monday.  It was worth all the turmoil this week because I learned so much to add into my dental knowledge toolbox. And now I'm looking forward to this long weekend since I'm on a weekend getaway with my little sister...just us girls. Also, hoping to catch up on on some much needed sleep, since I only averaged 4-5hours/night this past week. happy weekending. 

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  1. A well deserved weekend getaway.. thank god for long weekends!