Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Favorites 01.05.17

It's the first Friday of the new year and a good one at that. Here's a few favorites from the past week. 

1. snow days
A massive storm has hit the Southeast that ultimately resulted in a snow day with cancelling clinics both yesterday and today. There's a little bit of drama associated with all of this, but for now, I'm just trying to enjoy my stolen time. 

2. husband's here!
Even better than having two snow days in a row, having them while husband is in town. With being in a long distance marriage, our holiday break is the most time we get to spend with each other all at once. Normally, we get two weeks tops. This week together has been a bonus! We've been spending it brunching, taking long winter walks with our pup, and having game nights. 

3. recapping 2017 with this epic year in review, the best list,  and an even better VIDEO!

4. travel-planning
Have spent these last few days of the new year in the best way possible with a bit of travel planning for 2018. This will forever be a favorite. By the way, I will be sharing more from our recent trip to Iceland next week. 

5. shared my word for the year--it's a good one that I'm so excited to enact 

Thankful to have had this unexpected 4 day weekend with this Friday off being spent with the Husband making it an extra special one to kick off the new year. 
happy weekend all!

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  1. Sounds like this fresh new year is off to a terrific start for you! Hooray for extra time with your husband and travel plans to look forward to too! Have a great first weekend of 2018!

  2. Snow days with the husband sound amazing! We are starting our travel planning too and hoping to also figure out a few places to take our Airstream. Cheers to the weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

    1. Oh cannot wait to follow all of your airstream travels--seems like such a good way to travel with small kiddos

  3. That is great that you have been getting extra time with your husband. I love your word for the year!!!