Saturday, January 6, 2018

year-end clothing budget review

With 2017 having come and gone, it's time to see where I ended up with my annual clothing budget. I did things a little differently in 2017 by starting out the year with 3 months without buying clothes. When I did end my spending freeze, I shared my budget seasonally for Spring, Summer, and Autumn
year end clothing budget

This was a rare year because I would absolutely re-purchase every single item I bought.

year end clothing budget
Broke my spending freeze with a bang! Definitely, the biggest purchase was this full length puffer coat, but it was on sale and worth every penny. Also, loved these faux-fur earmuffs that were basically free (and are still on sale), so I had too right? 
year end clothing budget

Spring Clothing Budget $300 
year end clothing budget
Was a bit more frivolous with my purchases over the Spring, with none of them being items that I actually needed. But we were headed off on a tropical escape and I wanted a few new pretty things to wear, who could blame me? 

Summer Clothing Budget $136
year end clothing budget
I barely bought anything over the entire summer, but I didn't need to. Because these scalloped flats and peplum tanks (that I loved so much, I bought in multiple colors) were ideal for the season.  
year end clothing budget

year end clothing budget
This was the season where I spent the most, but more so because I picked up pricey winter gear like this fleece that I've been basically living in. 

Budget for the Year: $1800
Summer Clothing Budget $136
Autumn Clothing Budget $725

I spent $1,393 on clothes in 2017, which works out to $116/month. Also, spent another $107 in gift cards and rewards. There were a few fun frivolous purchases made throughout the year, like maybe I didn't need 2 new swimsuits. But the majority of my money went towards high-end items that were needed. This past year, I had increased my budget to accommodate all of the pricey outdoor gear I knew that I would need for our various travel adventures. But I still ended up being well under budget. Having a budget this year definitely accomplished its goal. I think part of why I underspent is because I had a recorded reminder of my purchases that made me less likely to buy things simply because I could. So, I'm going to challenge myself a little more in 2018 and try to stay at $1,200 for the year. Do you keep track of how much you spend on clothing? 


  1. I love the idea of buying needed statement pieces that are good quality and can be used for years to come! I especially love that full-length puffer!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

    1. statement pieces all the way, trying to stay away from the trends

  2. I love that giraffe T
    and the floral dress is also really pretty