Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 by the numbers

happy new year friends! 
I'm currently in bed getting all the puppy cuddles, while I patiently await for husband to wake up before we head out to brunch. In the meantime, I can't help but to think back and reflect on 2017 and I'm missing it already. So even though I've already said a proper goodbye with this full year review and a video,  I spent a few minutes this morning making this fun list below---just for the heck of it.  

26 flights in the year of 2017. It was crazy to add these all up, thankfully most of them were free thanks to travel hacking.

3:55 the exact length of this epic video that sums of 2017 

16 pounds lost. Actually, I lost 22, but gained a few back and had to lose them all over again. Oops! 

Only 1 book read that wasn't a textbook for grad school. Pretty pathetic, I know.

Gained lots of new stamps on my passport thanks to visiting 6 countries in 2017! 

I extracted 51 teeth this year! It seems that I'm well on my way to becoming a dentist. 

Unfortunately, 2017 did mark another year spent living apart from Husband with a whooping 700 miles between us. 

56 miles hiked, I wish it had been more, but am grateful for every step

18 postcards received in the mail thanks to a fun tradition I have with the husband. After every trip we take together, we return to our perspective homes, but I can always expect postcards in the mail from the destinations we visited together that make the memories last that much longer. 

130 blog posts published, which mean I shared nearly every other day. Not to shabby.

hiked, boated, spelunked, and snorkeled my way through national parks! Really, what a fun year. 

18 carats of rose gold added to my wedding band set

3 broadway shows

This year promises to be a tougher one for Tom and I with lots of changes coming our way in 2018. So it was nice to hold onto the memories of 2017 for just a little longer. 

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