Sunday, January 28, 2018

winter road trip--the golden circle

our first day in Iceland involved a very jet-lagged very snowy winter road trip that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world! 
Flights from the Eastern United States are mainly offered overnight. But with Iceland having a 5 hour time difference from us, we arrived at 1AM our time, which was 6AM the next day in Iceland. Basically, we lost a full night of sleep. Though we can't complain too much since we managed to get our Iceland flights for free. We immediately hopped off the plane and into our rental car and headed to check off our first bucket list item...road tripping Iceland's famous golden circle. It sounds crazy to skip out on a night of sleep, but we were only in Iceland for 4 days and wanted to make the most of it. And sleeping an entire day away was not an option. Besides, this is the time to do crazy things like this...while we're young. As the sun started to rise, my adrenaline definitely kicked in and I had no trouble staying up all day.
new passport stamp with visiting Iceland for the first time
 over the river! 
we loved just riding and being on our own schedule to stop whenever and wherever we liked.  

Though with being this bundled up, we were always happy to return back to the warm car. Also, I think I look so funny here because my torso and legs are so out of proportion thanks to all the layers under my coat

this was the perfect winter road trip with everything blanketed in a fresh coat of snow...made this volcanic landscape even prettier with the contrasting white powder on top 
 cute farm homes dotting the countryside
couldn't get enough of this favorite stop at Gulfoss Waterfall
another favorite....Iceland ponies everywhere! 
 I loved all the stops we made along the Golden Circle seeing the waterfalls and lava fields and geysers in this unique landscape. But the best part of the Golden Circle for was the drive itself.

 Passing by snowy scenes on quiet winter morning-sometimes it's the most unexpected moments of traveling that stick with you most.

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