Monday, February 19, 2018

a not so long weekend

happy monday!
Philadelphia over Valentine's weekend. Boston the weekend before. Let's just say I was very much looking forward to this past weekend being a quiet one at home, getting to sleep in my own bed. 
It feels like this weekend flew right by. And the fact that I don't have President's Day off makes it feel even shorter. Saturday, I drove into the city for a much needed hair appointment ( 👩🏾 hair). While I was there, I did some shopping for the husband's birthday next week. And I may have picked up this for myself since I've been stalking it for weeks and it finally went on sale. Between running errands and the drive in/out of the city, I lost my entire day. Sunday was spent getting all the little things done that have been on my to do list for sifting through 8k emails and finally booking flights for our Easter travels. I was worried I would waste the weekend away lounging and Netflix binging (wouldn't that be lovely?), but instead it was a pretty productive one. That being said, it made my weekend feel extra extra short. 
How was your weekend?  


  1. I had a short weekend, too, I swear. We had plans for Saturday, but then my family decided they were having my nephew's 5th birthday party. Then I basically just slept all day on Sunday. Lol.

    1. I think it felt short for me too because I didn't get Presidents Day off:( We need more 3 day weekends

  2. I LOVE that shirt. How can you go wrong with stripes and a French phrase?