Thursday, February 15, 2018

101 in 1001: Update #4

I've been so looking forward to this update. I've crossed quite a few more items off my 101 in 1001 list, both big and small. 

#2. Visit 3 new countries-Iceland
I've actually visited 6 countries since making this list but only 3 have been new. Countries I've visited that I had been to previously include Canada, France, and Italy. The 3 new countries I visited were Spain, Mexico, and most recently Iceland. I've still got more to share from our Iceland trip...promise promise promise to post that soon. 

#20. Visit 4 new museums 
I've actually probably visited closer to 12 new museums since I made this list, but I decided to only count major museums that you would find in big cities. Thanks to recently spending Valentine's Day in Philly where we visited 2 museums, I can cross this one off my list. Here are my 4 museums: 
Moma in New York

Harvard Museum of Natural History in Boston

Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle

Mütter Medical Museum in Philadelphia 

#26. Make a Travel Video of a Big Trip
I ended up making a 2017 year-end video, which was really just a big compilation of our travels from the year. 

#56. Find a Game to Play Together
Tom and I love playing games together, but the struggle of finding a two player game that's not lame has been a tough one. The answer was in front of us the entire time when we realized that this favorite game we've been playing with family for years has a two player version. It's perfect and I think we love it even more than the multi-player. 

#95. Turn a comfort food favorite into a healthy recipe 
We all have those classic comfort food favorites that aren't exactly healthy, so I wanted to find a clean version of a classic. These almond butter chocolate chip cookies are even better than the original. They take out the flour, dairy, and most of the sugar, but you would never know that they were clean cookies to taste them. I'm definitely a fan of having guilt-free sweets. 

97. Pamper Myself at a Day Spa
On our last day in Iceland, we visited the famed Blue Lagoon featuring geothermal pools, saunas, swim-up bars, algae face masks, and water massages. This is the nicest spa that I will ever go to. We stayed for almost 5 hours, so pampering complete. 

I love the idea of updating as you go through the list to keep things on track. Already looking forward to the next update. See my past updates below: 

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  1. I'm always so impressed by all the tings you do. I love your travel video - y'all are seriously the freaking cutest!

    1. Thanks Kayla! I'm always amazed too when I write it all out. Explains why I'm always so exhausted :)

  2. You have made such awesome progress! I would LOVE to go to the Blue Lagoon spa, it sounds like such a treat! Thanks for linking up and sharing what you have been up to :)

  3. I love this list ! makes me want to create one too! I love playing game too and it's true that it's difficult to find a two players game.

    1. Right? Why do 2 player games always seem so lame? And yes, you should definitely make a list, it's a fun goal to work towards