Thursday, February 22, 2018

winter 2018 clothing budget

This may be my winter budget, but this winter has been a fairly warm in the South. I've barely had the opportunity to wear the cold weather gear I already have. So I picked up just a few staples and items that will carry over into spring.
J Crew Mountain Puffer Vest Original $120, on sale for $42 + gift card = $18
Does everyone remember the Herringbone J Crew Puffer Vest that came out years ago and was everywhere? Well I still have and adore mine, so I picked up a navy version thanks to some great sales. 

J Crew F. New Balance Capri Leggings  Original $75, on sale for $39
J Crew F. Seamless Capri Leggings Original $75, on Sale for $34, paid $0
I hate working out in shorts, but it's warming up out there. These were the perfect compromise and I love them. J Crew had a buy one, get the second one for free so this was a no brainer purchase. 

Nike City Core Tee Original $30, on sale for $17
Can't seem to find a pic of the moss green version I purchased, probably because I was savvy and picked this up at a nike outlet. 

Anthropologie Striped French Tee Original $88, on sale for $36 + gift card= $0
I adore this striped tee and had been stalking it for weeks, picked it up when it finally went on sale. 

Anthropologie Scalloped Card Holder Original $20 + gift card = $0 
I've looking to downsize to a card holder since I rarely carry a purse these days and don't have room for a wallet. This scalloped leather version is perfect because it holds a ton, but can still fit in the pocket of my jeans or in the pocket of my scrub top. 

J Crew F. Ruffle Hem Shirt Original $45, on sale for $18 X 2 = $36 
I have this exact shirt in the stripped version and it is a constant in my wardrobe. I end up wearing it right out of the dryer, so I happily picked up the same shirt again in gray and burgundy. 

Total $110
After being significantly under budget in 2017, I've reduced my clothing budget for the year. 

Budget for the Year: $1200
remaining for the year $1,090

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