Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favorites 02.09.18

happy friday dear ones. 
Boy am I thankful to be saying that. It felt like I was trying to climb Everest all week so I'm always happy to take a few moments to sit down and reflect on the positives. Here are my five for this week, what are yours? 

1. Date-versary & a SURPRISE visit!
Last weekend marked 10 years of dating for Tom and I so I flew into Boston as a surprise. It felt wrong to be apart on that day. 

2. Raspberry Peach Champagne Pie Hearts
One of my favorite ways to de-stress is through baking, but it's also not something that I have much time for. Whipped up these pie hearts before full day of clinic with patients. This was so quick to make, that you can barely even call in a recipe. 
February friday favorites

3. rotations 
This past week of dental school was by far the craziest, busiest, most overwhelming one I've had yet. But it was also really gratifying. I need to share another dental school update, but in the meantime, I did talk about how I'm feeling about being assigned to my final year rotations!

4. sending all the love 
Sent off some love day gifts to friends and family that should arrive just in time for Valentine's Day. Had to snap this pic of my valentine to my little sister, including a treat from this favorite place

5. Valentine's Day in Philadelphia 
I honestly thought our grad school schedules would keep us apart this year, but Tom and I are meeting up in Philadelphia today---the city where we first fell in love. This long distance marriage is hard, but it also sometimes has its perks with giving us an extra reason to make a big effort for holidays, especially ones centered around love. See our Valentine's Day past in New York and Boston

Have a fun-filled loved filled weekend everyone! 💕 

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