Friday, April 6, 2018

friday favorites 04.06.18

This has been an interesting week to say the least. It started out with a dreamy weekend in New Orleans and hit it's low point when a patient vomitted on my yesterday---ironically, I wasn't even touching them at the time. So yeah, like I said. It's been an interesting week. 

Poverty Simulation 
Sounds a little odd, but I participated in a poverty simulation this past week. It was a humbling experience, but a valuable one. It becomes so easy to take things like having enough to eat and having access to health care for granted. I feel like this will truly make to a more empathetic practitioner since I currently work with an underserved population. 

Dental School
Shared a new update on dental school lately, most notably is that fact that my last and final year kicks off in just a few weeks! So so so close to that doctorate of dental medicine degree!

Easter in New Orleans 
Literally had the most unconventional Easter in New Orleans with the Husband. It was amazing, but also bitteersweet because I'm not sure when we will have the chance to see each other again. Being in a long distance marriage never seems to get any easier. 

For me, this upcoming weekend is sure to be filled with the monotony of studying and labwork, so I'm excited that I will get to do some actual dentistry too. I'm volunteering at a free dental clinic on Saturday. When I was in college I volunteered every week at various institutions. Now, it's nice to now have a real skill that is so valued and needed and can truly make such an impactful difference. 

Ok, time to tackle today head-on. I hope that everyone has had a great week. And if not...well, at least it's finally the weekend right? 

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