Friday, April 13, 2018

friday favorites 04.13.18

Just realizing that today is Friday the 13th, which feels about right because I have the bad luck of kicking off a weekend full of studying. In fact, it's only 7AM and I've already done a few hours worth of cramming this morning. 
Let's just hope that this is the worst of my luck today since I'm spending the day on an emergency pediatric dental rotation where anything can happen. But first, a few highlights from this week.  

Missing Mardi Gras 
Had the opportunity this week to share more from our time in New Orleans. It was great to walk down memory lane and relive this experience, but was bittersweet because its got me missing the easy-going lifestyle there and especially missing my husband. 

Study Buddy 
Not happy to be studying so much right now, but I am thankful to have such a good study buddy that always insists on being extra close by. 

A Great Reminder 
This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to volunteer and provide services at a free dental clinic. It was great not only to help so many people in need, but to also mentor the college students that assisted me and hope to one day be in my position. It was a really great reminder going into the week about why I'm working so hard to earn my doctorate degree. 

I always look forward to these Friday Favorite posts that really force me to find the best parts of my week. I've been sick this week and sleep deprived, studying non-stop, and feeling exhausted from dealing with screaming kiddos all  week in the dental chair. But looking back, I have so much to be appreciative for. 


  1. Happy Friday! Mari Gras looks like so much fun. That's great you were able to help out at the clinic. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  2. That's amazing you were able to volunteer your time for a wonderful cause--especially when you're so busy as it is! You're wonderful! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!