Monday, April 30, 2018

the last year of dental school

All smiles because today was my last first day of dental school with kicking off my senior year. It's finally here! 
I remember thinking that this past week before becoming a senior was such a hectic one because last week, I extracted 10 teeth with an alveoplasty and continuous locking sutures, delivered my first completed denture and started 3 more, did a pulpectomy (type of root canal) on a pediatric patient, and saw emergency patients too--all while studying as much as possible for my national board dental exam. Yet, all of that was a drop in the bucket compared to how crazy things are about to be. I'm terrified and excited all in one for this final year of dental school. There have been so many moments during the process where I doubted if I could make it through. But getting to this point is proof that I am worthy and I am capable of becoming a dentist. Now, there are only 366 more days left and I better get to it because there is a lot to do. 

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