Saturday, April 7, 2018


Sorry. I know this pic is a bit graphic. GROSS were Husband's exact words. Ha! But it's what I do and I'm extremely proud of it. I was up early this Saturday volunteering at a free dental clinic extracting teeth.  
All the volunteers put in an 8 hour day and even though I was exhausted, it was literally the best possible way to spend my weekend. It's indescribable how amazing it feels to provide medical care to so many people who really need it and couldn't afford it otherwise. Nothing that I could have possibly done with my Saturday was as important as volunteering today with relieving so much pain and getting rid of disease. I truly feel so lucky to be a dental student and to be honing skills that are valued. I cannot wait for my next opportunity to volunteer this summer when I'll be headed on a medical mission trip! 
happy weekending. 


  1. It's so awesome that you're able to volunteer time to help those who can't afford it, while also earning clinical hours I'm sure you need for school!

    (PS. This reminds me, I'm getting my wisdom teeth cut out on Wednesday and I am absolutely terrified!)

    1. Sadly, this wasn't affiliated with my school at all so I didn't get any clinical hours or points from it-that would have been great though. Just doing good for goodness sake. Good luck on Wednesday-I'm sure you will be fine