Sunday, September 23, 2018

oh, summer summer

It's official. Summer has come to an end and we are welcoming in the first full day of autumn today. But first, I wanted to reminisce a bit. This past summer has without a doubt been the busiest most rewarding season of my life thus far. So I have to take a moment to reflect and share a few highlights.

Graduation Requirements: During my entire first year in clinic, it took me 12 months to sit for 8 of my graduation exams. The way this works is that I have to do a procedure a certain number of times on a patient to become eligible and then I have to take the exam. For example, I had to extract 15 teeth on patients before I could take the practical exam, proving that I could do the procedure without any help. You can't imagine how incredibly stressful these exams are because anything could go wrong. Yet, in the past 3 months of summer, I've taken 11 of my graduation requirements. 11! And I qualified/set myself up to take several more this Fall. I'm feeling like I'm in a great place with this. It feels like graduating on time is inevitable as long as I stay on this path and that's a good feeling. Can't wait to be Dr. Schneider. 

Dental Mission Trip: Since we are on the topic of me becoming a dentist, I just have to say that my dental mission trip this summer is the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. I spent my own money to participate with this trip and dedicated my time by giving up my one week of summer break to be there and help the people of the Dominican Republic. I am so very grateful for this experience reaffirming that I'm doing the most meaningful thing I can with my life. 

5 years of Marriage: Tom and I just celebrated 5 years of marriage right at the end of this summer and it is the most incredible milestone. We have dealt with a lot with being apart and trying to make this marriage work and it feels so good to be at the 5 year mark. 

Cuba: My love for travel is never-ending, but I never ever ever imagined that I would visit Cuba. I truly truly truly feel in love with it and the people there.  

Passing my Licensing Exam: After failing my licensing exam, I was tormented for months and having so much self-doubt about whether I was good enough to pursue a career like dentistry. Walking out of this exam knowing that I had aced it was the best feeling in the world and exactly what I needed to boost my confidence that I can indeed do this. I can be a dentist. 

Moving in Together: For the first time in our 5 year marriage, Tom and I have a place together. No more visiting each other. Now we live together. To officially move in here for keeps on the last day of summer really was the cherry on top this amazing season of life. Autumn has a lot to live up to. 

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