Sunday, September 9, 2018

august 2018//

I don't understand how, but every month of 2018 just keeps getting better than the last. August was no different. It marked me PASSING my licensing exam, which is such a huge stress reliever. Tom graduated from his PhD program and started his new job working as a college professor and researcher. And we kicked off the celebrations for our 5 year anniversary a little early with a trip to Cuba. It's been a crazily busy month, yet a fulfilling one to say the least. 
making restorations blog august 2018
At the start of the month, we had the unexpected opportunity to tour tennessee  and of course we took it. 

It was a quick weekend, but was full of all the outdoor adventures with hiking and camping. 

hiking all the waterfalls!

seriously there is nothing better than a cold beer by the campfire after a day full of hiking
except maybe a morning coffee by the campfire 

that's pretty good too
buying all the things lately to help Tom build a new wardrobe for his new job 
But according to my summer clothing budget, I may have also bought a few things for myself
summer road trips for the win 
meanwhile at dental school, I've been drowning in dentures all month long 
 Happily helping Tom move into his new office. I gave him this as an office-warming gift and it's a big hit.

Oh and by the way, we totally went to Cuba this month. It's still pretty surreal and hard to believe. 
You can see our time in Cuba with Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. Travel guides and budget coming soon! 
summertime camping = my happy place
all month long, I've been packing up a carload every weekend to drive to Virginia 
to reunite with my boys 
PASSING  my licensing exam = the best day ever
falling in love with colorful Havana & stopping to pose at every single door 
definitely feeling like I conquered August in the best way...just saying 
 When in Rome Cuba, you try Cuban Cigars
 Roof-top grilling at our new place 
complete with wine 
and playing our favorite game. I really should let the Husband win one of these times. 
top-down cruising through Cuba 
thankful for a month full of the best adventures with my best friend 

August you were the best in so many ways. Traveling to a new Country. Hiking and Camping. Setting up our new place. And making some major steps towards becoming a dentist. If 2018 wanted to end early, I would be so content right now, but can't wait to see what else this year has in store for me. 

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